Spy6teen Goes Digital!


Webcomic Spy6teen has gone digital with Graphic.Ly:

The original 8-page “pitch” for Spy6teen originally appeared back in April of 2009 on Zuda, DC’s webcomic initiative. The story did quite well, garnering over 34,000 views, a number of fans, well received reviews, and a considerable amount of press.

After our time on Zuda, the creative team decided that we weren’t quite done with Cally’s story. Since Cally was born on the web, we decided  that it made perfect sense to keep her there.

We update with a new page every Monday, with a supplementary blog update on Thursday.

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to drop us a comment any time!

It’s priced at 99 cents, to which you get the Full Issue, in Graphic.Ly’s awesome Panel Flow mode, plus a bevvy of additional content– including:

Audio Commentary (Which was a ton of fun to record, btw!)
Bonus Sketches and Pinups
The Script
Lineart/Color mode– where you can toggle DJ’s lineart to Lisa’s colors and Brant’s Letters!

The Script and Lineart mode are forthcoming, but if you purchase it now, it’ll be added to the comic when it becomes available.

I actually recently proof’ed the digital edition, and I gotta say– it’s downright amazing to see. A great and intuitive reading experience. It really is the Blu-Ray of issue one!

Graphic.ly has a great library of other titles to choose from as well– so the download is well worth it!

If you pick it up, please let us know what you think of the interface and how Spy6teen looks on your device!

Download Graphic.Ly/Signup and search for Spy6teen, or via the Independent Publisher section, under Sandbox Comics.

Download the Graphic.Ly app via Itunes on your I-device and search: Spy6teen

Droid version coming soon!

In addition to this there is also an interview with Graphic.Ly CEO which is well worth a read – and include one of my screen grabs! 😉

TS: How would you say Graphic.Ly differs from other digital comic platforms?

MB: We’re nicer. (Laughs) Well, I think our focus is more on the social aspect. For us, what’s important is– think about walking into a comic book store and seeing thousands of comics floating around and not knowing where to start. You’d probably get lost and walk out.

Whereas my experience growing up was, you walk into a comic book store– and you talk to the owner, and you talk to the other people there– maybe there was a couch you sat down on and you had a great conversation. And by the time you left, you bought more comics than you’d expected to- and you’d learned more than you’d imagined. Our focus is on that.
We want to be the couch in the middle of the comic store.

Read the whole interview here

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