Review: Power Play #1

It all seems so long ago when I previewed ‘Power Play’

This is a title along the vein of ‘Box 13’ where it has been optimsed for digital reading.

Power Play is a new creator owned comic which is going to be available digitally. A free preview is available on Comixology and it looks like a keeper!

Written by Kurt Christenson and art by Reilly Brown.

Extreme sports just got an upgrade! No more skateboards, rollerblades or BMX bikes, when these superpowered kids take to the streets, there’s no telling what they can and will do in this underground, full contact, no-holds barred sports league. From all across NYC they come to do battle, pitting their powers against one another in do-it-yourself style Olympics. They fight for fame, they fight for glory, they fight to be the the Power Play champion–and in the middle of all of this is Mac, a college student looking for direction and purpose in the big city. Who will be crowned King of the Five Boroughs? Power Play, the super-powered street games starts here!

Since reading the preview on Comixoloy and from talking to the creators, I have been really excited about reading this title.

Made for the people of the iPod/Youtube generation, on the iPod about the Youtube generation this makes the perfect title.

Fast and furious beginnings can make a bit of a comedown in some titles, but not here – we get the fast and furious of the chase, interspersed with brief facts about the competitors of the Power Play, and then we flip to our hero with a neatly crafted origin story. As an issue one we get all we need, brief introductions to all the key players (at this point) their motivations and characteristics and a nice contained story which stands up on its own.

Oooh! and there’s forshadowing – nasty people in the background that you know that are going to pop up later, and the build up to entering the Power Play at the end – we’ve got the discovery of how the powers work for our hero and you know thats going to be unique.

The art is excellent and dynamic, with some excellent panels and expressions which fit so well in the mobile format.

Look for Power Play to push the boundaries with the digital format as the creators are excited to be using the medium and want to do as much as possible with it!

This is a unique title – unique ideas, unique characters and perspective and unique format – if you’re looking for something new, give Power Play a chance as it won’t disappoint!

Don’t just take my word for it – check out what others have said too!

And now I can add ‘Michael Nimmo – 3 million Years’ to the list of fans!

“BLAM! This is the kind of comics I want to read! Fast, fun, clever, goofy, and really well drawn! Like the boy said, “Please, sir, I want some more!”

“Power Play has got a winning hand of high-octane action and clever character work, along with the best use of the digital medium in a superhero comic I’ve ever seen.”

“A cross between Teen Titans and Entourage, Kurt Christenson and Reilly Brown celebrate 21st Century geek-chic with POWER PLAY, the next best thing in young-adult superhero comics!”

“Power Play spares no panels getting straight to the action, and maintains a fast clip throughout. In just one issue, Christenson and Reilly introduce an ensemble cast of unique and charming characters with seemingly little effort. Reilly is doing the work of his career, and seems to be channeling some kind of manga mastery at the moment, something I never recognized in his art before. And if all that wasn’t enough, you can’t beat Gowanus Pete.”

“Reilly and Kurt have captured the perfect method of storytelling for the digital age of comics. Reilly’s always-excellent storytelling only excels when he controls the way your eye sees the panels. POWERPLAY is all about slacker superheroes who aren’t even superheroes and I can’t wait to see where they take it!”
–Fabian Nicieza (X-Men, ROBIN)

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