Review: The Blue Rider

The city of Miyamoto, a place of light and noise ran by a self-elected group of youths called The Screaming Stars – a clan of teenage assassins bred from an early age to kill and party. Shin, former leader of the Screaming Stars, returns to the place he once called home to find that some things change and some things just stay the same. After a failed attempt on his life by his old clan, Shin searches for old friends and answers to questions long left buried in his past. And, a bit of revenge. The tale of Miyamoto Musashi is reborn for a new generation in ‘The Blue Rider’ – a largely made up, semi-true, sort-of accurate portrayal of his famous duel with long time rival, Sasaki Kojiro. Taking in music and video games as ammo, and the myspace generation as it’s target, this is the first of what will be a three part series of arse kicking, robot smashing, kung fu nonsense. Your world is gonna end!

This is something different…

I’ve read and reviewed titles from Tabella before, and I’m always surprised in different ways!
This is a fun, twisted and above all enjoyable title. With some excellent art and storytelling made for the digital medium.
The thing that struck me straight out was the lettering – this is not something which I usually look at – but here it blew me away. Vibrant and exciting the lettering is what really adds to the excitement in The art.
This isn’t a quick read by any stretch – but it is well worth the read. If you want a story with classical origins and a modern twist, I suggest you start right here!

You can get The Blue Rider on the iPhone and the iPad here!

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