Alan Moores Webchat – He Even Mentions Digital Comics!

…which is pretty good considering Alan Moore doesn’t even have a mobile phone!

Over at Bleeding Cool they have notes of the whole webchat – including a video of it, which is two and a half hours longs.

Alan did have this to say though:

On web-based and digital comics…

In what was one of the most surprising revelations of the afternoon, Moore revealed that he has been mulling-over potential idea of doing a digital-based comic with Mitch Jenkins based on a project they’ve been working on together over the past few years, joking that part of the reason he’s considered taking it digital is because it’s“become an unwieldy project with a lot of different directions.”

Moore went on to discuss the potential for digitally-based comics at length, stating that while he didn’t own an iPad or a Kindle (and most likely never would considering how he didn’t even yet own a cell phone), he certainly was aware of what they were and recognized the potential that comics had using such devices since, in the digital format, creators would not be confined to the same format that the paper medium had dictated the medium take since the 1930’s.

He then went on to discuss how, for example, Well Eisner could have delivered THE SPIRIT using digital technology, referencing the idea of a dripping faucet in an empty room only to then quickly dismiss the idea of merely adding a “soundtrack” or some simple dripping animation, saying that utilizing the potential of digital comic to its full extent was something he was still mulling over quite a bit.


It’s good to hear, and I for one would love to read a specifically written Alan Moore piece  just for digital!

Check out the whole transcript here

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