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The Countdown begins again in this weekend’s DC Comics Zero Hour Sale!

Before the world of Flashpoint The DC Universe fell into the Zero Hour. This weekend experience the now classic cross-over that brought the DC Universe to it’s knees back in the 90’s. Zero Hour: Crisis in Time on sale this weekend on comiXology.

The universe is being destroyed by an all-consuming force! Wally West Flash, like Barry Allen before him, tries to stop the crisis, but vanishes in the process. In addition, anomalies, such as Barbara Gordon appearing as Batgirl–despite the fact that Joker paralyzed her years before–begin popping up all over the world!

Trapped in the Speed Force, Wally West finds himself leaping through time as an intangible presence, observing key moments in his life. Can he escape and get back to his present? And how does his joining with the Speed Force change him?

Alfred has returned to the Batcave as if he never left. But this Alfred looks a bit different than the one from before–and has dreams of becoming a detective. And when Batman must contend with a gang of killers, his butler may prove to be the greater menace!

With his power gone, how will Kyle survive his confrontation with the ruthless Major Force, the man who murdered his girlfriend? Plus, the new Green Lantern meets the first man to bear his mantle–Alan Scott!

ZERO HOUR’s impact on the Man of Steel worsens when the timestream collapses…and the entire city of Metropolis blinks out of existence! And as he races to Smallville, he finds his hometown intact–but drastically different!

Witness all these time-crossed tales and so much more during The DC Comics Zero Hour Sale this weekend on comiXology.

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