The Curse of The Black Terror

The Black Terror, a long dead super hero, has seemingly returned from the grave to wage war on a mob kingpin. Behind the hero’s quest for revenge is the death of the kingpin’s own sister. But who is this new Black Terror, really?

Webcomic time again – this time with a twist. Curse of the Black Terror is an interesting variation on the webcomic genre. Written by Curtis Lawson, but with a revolving cadre of artists you get a nice mix of styles as the story progresses.

Each chapter is 5 pages long and we are now up to chapter 11. Worried about catching up? Fear not! Because you can download a free CBZ to read the first 9 chapters –  which is how I got into it!

This is a nice re-imagining of the classic character, with some excellent plot points. The innovation of the free CBZ allows you to catch up along the way.

The revolving artists doesn’t get in the way of the story, but add something different to the reading process – there may be some you like and some you don’t, but the 5 page rotation makes the process pretty painless.

Updated once a week this is a good read, and well worth me adding to my RSS feed!


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