Review: 2000AD – Prog 1841


A great stand out cover this week, which should really jump off the shelves (or newsstand!), regrettably the part it refers to is only a minor part, which is a shame as the concept it refers to is excellent – and one I would like to see more of!


Judge Dredd: Wastelands concludes this okay-ish Judge Dredd story, I’m glad it’s finished and think it came to a bit of a soft conclusion – nothing really of a problem for Dredd and no comebacks in the future to bounce back onto him.


Defoe: The Dammed continues the breakout and as some brilliant art – the story seems to be picking up and has the suspense of future problems, while keeping up with the current. This story has a nice mix of past, present and future in it.


Part two of Age of the Wolf: Wolfworld gives us some backstory for new characters – showing us how the world has changed in the last few years. The art continues to be strong and has some bold and dark colours. I’m glad to see this story picking up pace so quickly.


Sinister Dexter: In Plain Shite starts the third act with Last Rights – we get a look at what Ramone is up to now and the life he is currently living. We also get a look at what Finny is going to expect when he gets across Generica.


Part three of the Ten-Seconders moves the story on at a good pace, and the initial fightbacks start here, with a good look at the future figures in the story. The doomed feeling of the art is well done, making things seem suitably grim!

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