Reviews: Atomic Robo, Batman Inc, Doctor Who….

….Thanos Rising, Think Tank and Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted

Here are the reviews of digital comics I bought this week!



Atomic Robo: Real Science Adventures #10 continues the Tesla storyline throughout the series with the Blackcoats geting hit by Tesla’s team. The cartoony art and big panels make this fun to read, with out getting to bogged down in what could be a heavy story – nice cliffhanger at the end too! After that we get a short Atomic Robo back up with the Yonkers Devil – who I think we’ve seen before, it could be a nice running gag with this….


After finishing off the main series, we get a selection of one-shot stories in Batman Incorporated Special #1 Batman links up these stories with the Batman of Japan kicking us off with a self referencing story with a twist of a crazy enemy. Following that we have Squire with her first adventure after the death of The Knight and how she deals with it. Sping Heel Jack is a great concept for a villain and should be used more…Man-Of-Bats and Red Raven are next with an excellent story that has two parts – past and present. The change in art adds to the mix. Nightrunner, Dark Ranger and El Gaucho are in a good story which highlights them all and makes a case for an ongoing El Gaucho series! Bat-Cow even gets a short silent story with a funny ending.



Now with the eighth Doctor Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #8 changes the pace again to suit the Doctor we have now. The main story is a done-in-one with a nice look at different worlds and an eighth Doctor approach to dealing with it. Finally at the end we get a further look at the over-arcing plot and the Doctor’s reaction to it – not long to go now…..



Thanos Rising #5 completes the mini-series chronicling the early days of the mad titan. There’s the attack on Titan and his fathers response to Thanos’s madness. it may not be as dark as others in the series, but gives us a singular view of Thanos, that which may not have had yet.



Think Tank #9 starts a new arc – Outbreak – with the Doctor actually going out in the field. Past discoveries come back to haunt him as well as inventions. Again this is a very intelligently put together book. Combining the story as well as information, which always makes it worth a second read.


Chapter 8 of Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted begins the next part of this story with Wolverine looking for answers, Sabertooth looking for Wolverine and Silver Samurai looking for a way out? Sabertooth is at his best intimdating self here – showing why he is the opposite of Wolverine, Silver Samurai’s reaction is spot on and works well on the infinite canvas. Hopefully we’re gearing up for a fight scene next week, so lets see how infinite works with that!


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