10 Questions With…Robert Wilson IV, Artist On Knuckleheads


Who are you and what are you working on right now?

Robert Wilson IV, I’m drawing Knuckleheads at Monkeybrain Comics.

What drew you to digital comics?

Chris Roberson and Allison Baker, Monkeybrain titles like Amelia Cole and Edison Rex made me really excited to give it a shot.

Issue #1 Page 1 Click For Bigger
Issue #1 Page 1
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Webcomics or digital comics?

I read more digital comics than webcomics, but that is really a function of being more interested in genre story telling than gag-a-day humor strips. I don’t have anything against webcomics in the least, I adore Cameron Stewart’s Sin Titulo.

What do you think works with digital comics?

I think episodic storytelling works really well with digital comics, especially with subscription services being available. There are also a lot of really fascinating technical things that can be done with in-panel frame advancement. The best (and most terrifying) example that comes to mind is James Tynion IV and Jeremy Rock’s The Eighth Seal on Thrillbent.

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Page 1 Issue #2
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Can digital comics replace print comics?

That is a super loaded question. I think digital has effectively replaced the newsstand but I don’t really see it having a ton of impact on the direct market, outside of diversifying the types of books that eventually see print. I don’t think Knuckleheads would be likely to make it to the direct market without being digital first.

How can print comics work with digital comics?

I think Amelia Cole and Bandette, among many other Monkeybrain books, are perfect examples of digital giving new ideas time and space to grow and build an audience that could support print collections. That’s the obvious relationship between print and digital, but I’m sure there are other interesting ideas on how the two can work together that we’ll be seeing in the next few years.

What don’t you like about digital comics?


Issue #2 Page 1 Click For Bigger
Issue #2 Page 1
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What digital comics/webcomics do you read?

A ton of Monkeybrain books, such as the afore mentioned Amelia Cole and Bandette, Edison Rex, Subatomic Party Girls, High Crimes, Kinski, and a bunch of others. I want more Phabula, you hear me Dalton!? I’m also a huge Brian K. Vaughan fan, so Private Eye is a must read for me.

Where do you see digital comics going from here?

Man, I wish I new. I think I would like to find ways to make digital comics even more accessible to the general audience independent of apps.

Who do you think we should look out for in digital comics?

Sloane Leong, she’s so inventive and thoughtful. I feel like I’m constantly learning from her. She’s got the fire, for sure.

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