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Wantin’ some buccaneer bounty for yer ears too? Gander at Monolith Graphics’ Phantoms of the High Seas.

This epic soundscape explores the mysteries of the deep with dynamic orchestrations, ghostly melodies, pirate anthems and gothic choirs.

After you’ve had your fill of rum and treasure on the high seas, be sure to check out my picks from this week’s newest comics from Markosia Enterprises, Hound Comics, Renegade Arts, Black Watch Comics, and more!

Free Product of the Week

Free weekly productShi: Way of the Warrior #01 (10th Anniversary)
by Crusade Fine Arts

The original work that started Shi–the award winning 1994 comic in its 10th anniversary form. Billy Tucci’s classic Shi.

Who Is Shi?

Born of a Japanese father and American mother, 10 year-old, Ana Ishikawa witnesses the brutal slaying of her entire family. The child is consequently spirited away and raised by her grandfather, Yoshitora, a descendent of the Sohei, the great warrior monks of medieval Kyoto.

Shrouded in secrecy, Yoshitora trains Ana in the ways of the Sohei – her sole mission in life is to seek out her family’s murderer and avenge her family’s honor.

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Other Featured Titles

Featured TitleDiscord Trade
by AAM Markosia

After crash-landing on a distant planet, which leaves everyone onboard dead, Chromatic, a member of an elite superhero team, is reassembled and resurrected by the indigenous aliens utilizing the useable body parts of his teammates and enemy.

As Chromatic deals with the loss of his colleagues as well as his own identity, he must also come to terms with not just who he is, but what he is.

Collects #1-#4

$17.99 $3.99

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Featured TitleSummons #1
by Hound Comics

There is an ancient text that is said to contain all of the world’s mystic secrets. It is a book of dark and light magic, a book older than the Bible. It is the “Book of Summons”. And the forces of darkness have just gotten their claws on it.

Now, with the earth’s mystic stability imbalanced, it will take a trio of unlikely warriors (a strange teenage girl, an ageless wizard, and a detective with a dark secret) to retrieve the book and restore peace. But can they do it before they’re consumed by the very evil they’re fighting against?

$5.00 $3.99

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Featured TitleShades of Grey – 24 Hours in London
by Renegade Arts Entertainment

When Christian’s plan to take over all organised crime in London goes wrong it is up to his most trusted killers to sort out the mess.

Adapted by writer/director Alexander Finbow from his action movie of the same name, and drawn by comics legend, and the movie’s storyboard artist, Will Simpson.

This 24 page comic is a one shot story that introduces us to the world of Shades of Grey and its ruthless criminals, cops and those who walk both sides of the law.


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Orion the Hunter #4Orion the Hunter #4

To tempt the Fates is one thing. To out and out steal from them is sheer lunacy.

Yet Orion must pit his destiny against some of the fiercest and most dangerous forces Olympus has to offer. As he peels away another veil of the gods’ deceit, Orion is forced to walk the precipice between myth and mystery only to find himself at the very mouth of Hades.


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Man to leaves #8Man to Leaves #8

Man To Leaves weaves a complex thread as we travel into the past.

What happened to Titan?

An entire world that disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The galaxy is on the edge of war, and a newly created race of Synthetics stands between their masters the Exceptions, and a humanity that wants to exterminate both races. And always we ask, who is Kai?

Answers are given, and the entire story starts to come into focus, as we learn what led to the destruction and formation of The Great Decay.


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Zero EditionZero Edition

The Wi~Fi Digital Press ZERO EDITION will feature the collaboration of many artists and authors such as Jaime Roman Collado, Mazzart, Fernando Sosa, Em Em Chan and other talents featured on our web page. This ZERO EDITION will feature many previews, sneak peeks and preliminary projects. ZERO is a series of books containing the art of various artists from around the world and their stories or projects, created by Javier “Sama”

  • Johnny Caronte By Jaime Collado.
  • Johnny Caronte Various artists Gallery
  • Carla Alba (Preview Prelude Sapanish) By: Fyto Manga (Manga)
  • Dead Gods (Preview)
  • Gokou No Shipo By Born To Die (Manga)

and much more.


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The Meaning of Superhero Comic BooksThe Meaning of Superhero Comic Books

For decades, scholars have been making the connection between the design of the superhero story and the mythology of the ancient folktale.

Moving beyond simple comparisons and common explanations, this volume details how the workings of the superhero comics industry and the conventions of the medium have developed a culture like that of traditional epic storytelling.

It chronicles the continuation of the oral/traditional culture of the early 20th century superhero industry in the endless variations on Superman and shows how Frederic Wertham’s anti-comic crusade in the mid-1950s helped make comics the most countercultural new medium of the 20th century.

By revealing how contemporary superhero comics, like Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern and Warren Ellis’s The Authority, connect traditional aesthetics and postmodern theories, this work explains why the superhero comic book flourishes in the “new traditional” shape of our acutely self-conscious digital age.


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekEleventh Hour Volume 1
by AAM Markosia

What goes on in the minds of the hottest rising talent in comics?

A schoolgirl haunted by demons, vampire chicks on motorbikes and retired superheroes are just some of the things you can expect in this anthology.

Eleventh Hour features exciting new creators from across the globe.

This issue includes exclusive content, “Alpha Gods: Prologue”.

Collects #1 – #4

$6.99 $2.99

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Top Cow at


Newest Free Products

Back to Mysterious Island #0
by Blue Water Productions

Inspired by the classic tale by Jules Verne, this story goes back to the land that he created. Mysterious Island has risen again, this time in 2008 and the infamous Captian Nemo is back to command a new set of monsters. Two zoologists who’ve been hired t…

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #546–Superior Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099
by Secret Identity

Download Location of the Week: Hampton Beach, NH Get Our Books:X-O Manowar: Centurion:—How-To-Survive-The-Comic-Con-ExperienceMaking Ear Can…

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #545–Forever Evil and The World’s End
by Secret Identity

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Newest Products

Aphrodite IX V2 #5
by Top Cow
Price: $2.99

DEADLY LIASONS  Aphrodite IX woke up in a new world with no memory and no idea of her true purpose.  But finding out the truth about herself and how her handler Burch has been manipulating her will change everything.

The Mis-Adventures of Adam West Volume 3
by Blue Water Productions
Price: $5.99

Adam West is back and off to trying to get back to the present. The television’s original caped crusader has finally found his way back to Earth. The only problem is that the year is 2512! Collects Volume 2 issues #5 – #7, #9.

10th Muse V2 #7
by Blue Water Productions
Price: $1.99

They don’t come any more desperate than this housewife. After the Blue Birds and PTA meeting, Lori Reed finds the art of assassination as satisfying as block parties. But make no mistake, Lori Reed is Lady Sniper, a venomous, heartless killer who meets he…

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