Review: 2000AD – Prog 1853

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1853 COVER

Dino’s are always a good way to bring in readers!

New Trick continues in Judge Dredd and we glean some more information about the two new Judges – each bringing their own skills to the team. There’s a fair amount of action in this fast paced issue, with the speedway feel about it all. The Judges plan for breaking through was clever, and I can’t help wonder if it’s going to backfire on them later!

The Diamond Age in Brass Sun cuts deep with more betrayals and some interesting tech ideas. The art continues to be the stand out point in this fun story and makes the reading a lot more easier process. The issues could have more going on in some areas, but it’s still easy to follow!

The Badlanders in Flesh work on bringing down Gorehead and the suspense is excellent, even if you don’t know his history. There’s a neat trick with the hypnosis of Gorehead that ever-so nearly backfires!

Aquila starts setting up all the major players on the game board that is Rome. There’s characters from myths and history which make this continue to be a good read!

Damnation Station references last issues piece briefly and moves us on tho the threat from outside the universe. There’s a lot of talking here, but it’s important!

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