Review: 2000AD Prog 1855


First things first, I really like this cover – there’s something about the colours I like!

Judge Dredd picks up with a new story – Prey- and there’s some new things to look at in Mega City One. Charity and volunteers aren’t something you usually see in this world, and by the end of the Prog we get a look at why! Violently!

You wouldn’t think there would be much to worry about in a library, but in Brass Sun things are not what you think. This series is really picking up as we begin the move to the next stage in the story!

The move towards the rodeo in Flesh gets closer in this black and white story. There is still some old school violence here and it’s fun to read!

Aquila finishes off a strong arc with direction for the next issue. It’s all looking good in this well written story with excellent art.

Stuck on an alien planet in Damnation Station we get a fair amount of ‘Alien’ style horror – just in time for next week!

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