Review: 2000AD – Prog 1858

Judge Dredd starts a new arc, Brass Sun, Flesh & Damnation Station continue and Tharg’s 3rillers ends!



Some brilliant art combined with a retro feel to it for this weeks cover!

A new arc for Judge Dredd kicks off this week with Ferals. The art was the first thing that jumped out at me here, with a painted feel to it in contrast to the dark, digital tones of previous stories. The other thing was the kids, which was interesting and adds another layer to Mega City One that gets forgotten. It looks like something has been disturbed by Chaos Day….

Brass Sun escapes The Keep in The Diamond Age and we get a new world to look at and it looks bleak! There’s a lot to talk about in this prog, but that’s fair enough because there has been a fair amount of action here! The history and transports were very good!

The Badlanders in Flesh unleash their secret weapon and it’s a gruesome as we thought with a great reveal of our favourite devil dinosaur. I did wonder if he would go for the kids first! The old school humour is still hear, as it the style of the story – not a bad thing though!

The final part of Tharg’s 3rillersRewind – finishes off with an adequate conclusion to the story – again something that could be expanded on in future as I liked the concept! This cold case was very well dealt with – as was the punishment!

The deal goes down in The Howling Beast on the Borderline in Damnation Station and we get an idea of the deal and what it means for humans in the future. Although it looks good for humans in the short term, the final panel says ‘maybe not’!


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