Review: Iron Man – Fatal Frontier #6


Heist on the moon! With Tony now aware of Phlogistone’s deadly properties, to what lengths will he go to stop the spread of the new element? And what exactly is Cortex Incorporated hiding from Tony?


Following on from last issues ‘heist’ we get the second part to the story, with Tony’s armour doing the tech work while Tony was multi-tasking! The combination between what we saw last week and what the armour is actually doing was really well done. While Tony was entertaining at a launch party last week, the armour was doing the leg work actually pulling off the heist!
So, in addition to what we’ve seen already – Tony fighting, talking and …being Tony, he was also controlling his armour with a frenemy! We know what was said last week – the heist was spotted, but now we find out how – and that leads up to a fight scene next week!
This series continues to link up and combine well with the main Iron Man series – I wonder if this will have repercussions!

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