Digital Comics From DriveThruComics: Judge Dredd, 10th Muse, Artifacts & More

DrivethruComics have released this weeks digital comics to download directly online. Now with titles from Aspen Comics!


Now Aspen Comics has joined with awesome titles like Executive Assistant Iris, Fathom, and Jirni!


Artesia: Adventures in the Known World an RPG based on the Artesia comics by Mark Smylie is 50% Off all week long in the New Year, New Game Sale!

Top Cow’s Impaler series is a reimagining of the vampire myth featuring an army of ravenous vampires and Vlad Tepes. Right now you can save 30% on the entire run of Impaler!

Read on for new Comics from McFarland, Bluewater Productions, Red Leaf Comics, and a new Judge Dredd novel from Rebellion Publishing!

Free Product of the Week

Free weekly productThe Vicar: sample story from Twisted Light
by T Publications

From the mind behind Twisted Dark comes something a little lighter.

Twisted Light is the other side of the coin, each story designed to leave the reader feeling uplifted. Despite this, Gibson still injects the story with his trademark warped humour… a little lighter, but still Twisted!

Enjoy this free sample story from Twisted Light!

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Other Featured Titles

Featured TitleBonnie and Clyde — The Beginning

by McFarland

This graphic novel tracks the first year of Bonnie and Clyde’s extraordinary crime spree.

Beginning in April 1932 in Texas, these pages depict the accelerating path of robberies and shoot-outs that made the duo infamous, and reveal what drove Clyde Barrow to become such a hardened criminal, unrepentant and relentlessly violent.

And what drove Bonnie, repeatedly, in spite of her best interest, to the side of Clyde. Culminating on April 1933 in Missouri, the scene fades with the shoot-out that left a detective and police chief dead and Bonnie and Clyde at the brink of national notoriety.

$17.99 $9.99

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Featured TitleBubblegun #1
by Aspen Comics

The future is here with Aspen’s latest Œ10 for 10 series debut, BUBBLEGUN!

They like the tech, but live for the high stakes! Sisters Molli and Devyn, along with teammates Roman and Kyo‹and a stockpile of cutting edge, cyber-punk technology, form a confident team of mercenary thieves able to take on the most formidable jobs around. Yet, when one cyber heist turns out to be more than they bargained for, as a mysterious package and its contents threaten to unravel the group to its core, the menacing worlds of corrupt industry and deadly espionage is unleashed upon them!

Join creator and writer Mark Roslan (Broken Pieces), penciler Mike Bowden (World of Warcraft, Ame-Comi Girls), and colorist David Curiel (Idolized, Avenging Spider-Man) on what⊃1;s sure to become Aspen⊃1;s next hit sci-fi, action adventure series! Strap yourselves in because BUBBLEGUN is gonna take you on a wild ride!


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Featured Title10th Muse: God War
by Blue Water Productions

Insansity runs rampent in this collection of stories. The 10th Muse introduces us to the crazy character that stars in the Bluewater cult series “insane Jane.”

Greek mythology has documented the nine Muses, the inspirational daughters of the almighty Zeus. But history forgot one– the 10th Muse. This very special collected edition is written by 10th Muse creator Darren G. Davis and features art by Batgirl’s Vincente Cifuentes.

Collects Volume 1 #10, Volume 2 #10-11, The Odyssey: Absolute Power one-shot, plus includes bonus artwork.

10th Muse created by Darren G. Davis


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EclipseJudge Dredd: Eclipse


On the anniversary of the Apocalypse War, ruthless future lawman Judge Dredd heads off-world to bring the rioting Luna-1 colony back under control. Using his unique brand of law enforcement, Judge Dredd is all that stands between millions of citizens and outright anarchy.

But what have the vast MoonieCorp business empire and the Moon-U pirate radio station got to do with the trouble?


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Rainbow in the Dark #6Rainbow in the Dark #6


The survival of the new community in the city stands on the brink as those who resent life outside the gloom conspire with the Veratu to tear it all down. Raina tries to put her struggles behind her, Donna finally understands the power driving this world, and her father tries to rediscover what really matters to him, but all are unaware of the chaos and devastation about to hit.

Pandemonium! Panic!

Some will live, some will die, and everything will change as the curtain falls.


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Legend of Isis #12The Legend of Isis V2 #12

Bluewater presents the shocking conclusion of the “Rise of Darkness” storyline.

The battle between light and darkness comes to a shocking conclusion as Isis learns that even in victory there can be defeat. Granted the powers of Ra and returned to the land of the living, Isis must use her new found powers to defeat the combined forces of Apophis and Set.

Will she be able to survive the Rise of Darkness?


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Snow by Night 2Snow by Night Chapter 2

Thieves, Muskets & Alchemy!

Blaise and Jassart are a pair of thieves from the rich, frontier town of Sherbourg. Their easy life of larceny is disrupted when a mysterious rival steals their prizes and robs from their wards, forcing the two to track the new competitor down.

After failing to find the mysterious thief on their own, Blaise and Jassart recruit Cienan, an eclectic and wealthy collector of antiques, to help them lay a trap to capture the thief. What they catch is beyond anything they imagined.

This pdf contains the second chapter of the webcomic Snow by Night as well as the vignette Daughters of the King.


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Sky Watcher #1Sky Watcher #1b

Sky Watcher Comics is a black and white anthology featuring dynamic characters and incredible stories.

This issue features Justin Kane on the run from government operatives and the beginning Part I of the Gryfalcon saga.


Part I of IV

The DEBUT of Canadian super hero from the north: The Gryfalcon!!!


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekArtifacts #33
by Top Cow


Top Cow publishes its first team of winners from the 2012 Talent Hunt!

Rapture bearer and defrocked priest Tom Judge and the numeromancer Tilly Grimes are hot on the heels of a prolific serial killer.

But even if Tom is able to save the next intended victim, is he already too late to save her soul?


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Top Cow at!


Newest Free Products

Golden Agers: Heroes Vs. Hitler
by Mini-Komix

Have you punched Hilter today? Don’t you think you aught to? We fill your Hitler-punching fix with the original Daredevil and Silver Stre ak teaming-up to stop the Nazis during WWII. Catch this and more stories from Golden Agers!

Operation Penumbra: Sneak Peek
by Triptych Books

A small group of American soldiers in WWII, lead by General Patton must stop the Nazis from weaponizing supernatural creatures of myth. Operation Penumbra: Vol. 1 takes place in North Africa in March of 1943. The U.S. Army has just suffered an embarrassi…

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #567–Our Favorite Stuff of 2013
by Secret Identity

In this special episode of Secret Identity, Matt and Brian lo ok back at some of their favorite comics, movies, TV, games and music from 2013. Send comments to OR leave us a voicemail at 860-698-0468. Check out www.secretidentitypodc…



Newest Products

Rainbow in the Dark #7
by Comfort Love and Adam Withers
Price: $0.99

“Dream” Having lost nearly everything, the survivors of the fallen city wander the woods in search of a new home. Luke lies in a coma, Donna struggles with an unknown power, and Jane and Becky are prisoners of the Veratu, where being returned t…

Penny Palabras: Episode 01
by Hollow Scene
Price: $2.99< br />
Penny Palabras, 17, has experienced the paranormal for years. She knows that things aren’t always what they seem. Now, she’s tormented by a malevolent entity called the Straw Man. As she searches for ways to banish him from her life, she’s haunted by more…
Evil Inc: July-Dec. 2013 [BUNDLE]
by Evil Inc comics
Price: $5.94 $3.99

THIS IS A BUNDLE PRODUCT. WHEN BUYING THIS ITEM YOU WILL RECEIVE SEPARATE DOWNLOAD LINKS FOR EACH PRODUCT LISTED BELOW…  Evil Inc Monthly: Baking Bread (Nov. 2013) Regular price: {display_products_non_sale_price(121414)…

I of the Law
by Qualify Comics
Price: $2.99

Blood is thicker than water, but not as thick as this dimwitted cop’s head. The confessions of a suspect spiral into the di lemma – how late is too late for murder?

Judge Dredd: Eclipse
by Rebellion Publishing Ltd
Price: $7.99 $5.99

DIFFERENT CITY, SAME CREEPS! On the anniversary of the Apocalypse War, ruthless future lawman Judge Dredd heads off-world to bring the rioting Luna-1 colony back under control. Using his unique brand of law enforcement, Judge Dredd is all that stands bet…


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