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DriveThruComics have released this weeks digital comics available to download directly from their site and to read on the device of your choosing!

Top Cow’s Impaler series is a reimagining of the vampire myth featuring an army of ravenous vampires and Vlad Tepes. Right now you can save 30% on the entire run of Impaler!

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Free weekly productAlmighties Origins
by Actuality Press

The White House is getting its own super-team… off the record.

A former downtrodden housewife with anger issues, a mercenary with psychotic tendencies, a cocky British punk, an egomaniac, and a guy who runs a takeout.

This bunch of super-powered misfits may not sound like the ideal ingredients for a team, but The White House’s Joe Cyborg wants them!

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Other Featured Titles

Featured TitleDracula’s Army: The Dead Travel Fast
by McFarland

This graphic novel adaption of Dracula brings to light storylines that only lurked in the shadows of the original.

As Jonathan Harker journeys from shy university graduate to fierce vampire hunter his evolution is imperiled by shapeshifting demons. The men vying for the attentions of Lucy find further competition in Mina and sublimated lust and jealousy surface and twist fates.

But at the heart of the tale is Dracula’s relentless pursuit of his ultimate goal: to go to London and muster an army to secure world domination by vampire.

$17.99 $9.99

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Featured TitleTom Corbett: Space Cadet: Danger in Deep Space #1
by Blue Water Productions

If you can dream it, you can do it.

That’s Tom’s motto, sometimes, when he’s not being lazy that is.

Tom Corbett is a real space cadet, out to lunch and completely unswayed by the needs of his crew. Well, it’s not really his crew, but he’ll do whatever it takes to change that.

$3.99 $1.99

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Featured TitleSnow by Night Chapter 1
by Snow by Night

Thieves, Muskets & Alchemy!

Life is pretty good for Blaise and Jassart. The pair of thieves make an easy living in the rich, frontier town of Sherbourg. The fur trade is booming and wealth is there for the picking. And down on Iniquity Row, the saloons and gambling hells provide plenty of opportunity to spend their ill-gotten gains.

But when a mysterious rival steals their prizes and robs from their wards, Blaise and Jassart are forced into the unfamiliar role of thief-catchers. How do you find a thief who can slip locks and leaves no traces? Regardless, they must catch the thief. Their gloire and fortunes are on the line.

This pdf contains the first chapter of the webcomic Snow by Night as well as the vignette Feathers and Frost.


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The Ages of Wonder WomanThe Ages of Wonder Woman

Created in 1941 by the psychologist William Marston, Wonder Woman would go on to have one of the longest continuous runs of published comic book adventures in the history of the industry. More than 70 years after her debut, Wonder Woman remains a popular culture icon. Throughout the intervening years many comic book creators have had a hand in guiding her story, resulting in different interpretations of the Amazon Princess.

In this collection of new essays, each examines a specific period or storyline from Wonder Woman comic books and analyzes that story in regard to contemporary issues in American society.


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WhiteoutJudge Dredd: Whiteout


In the nightmare future of Mega-City One, the Judges are all that holds the teeming citizens from anarchy. Dredd is one such man – judge, jury and executioner. In his latest adventure, Dredd tries to put a stop to Wess Smyth – a small time hood – who has stumbled across the Skorpion: an unstable and powerful cybernetic firearm.

Can Dredd prevent a deadly crime wave in this ripping SF escapade?


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Witchblade #171Witchblade #171


Sara Pezzini violently ripped the Witchblade from her body and abandoned it. For Sara to begin her life anew, the Witchblade must find and bond with a new host.

But not all who wield the Witchblade are worthy to bear the burden of the gauntlet.


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Children's Writer's Market2014 Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market

If you write or illustrate for young readers with the hope of getting published, the 2014 Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market is the trusted resource you need. Now in its 26th edition, CWIMis the definitive publishing guide for anyone who seeks to write or illustrate for kids and young adults. Inside you’ll find more than 650 listings for children’s book markets (publishers, agents, magazines, and more)–including a point of contact, how to properly submit your work, and what categories each market accepts. You’ll also find:

  • Interviews with some of today’s hottest authors and illustrators, including author R.L. Stine (the Goosebumps series), author Marie Lu (Legend), author Beth Revis (Across the Universe), and illustrator Debbie Ridpath (I’m Bored, written by Michael Ian Black).
  • The ever-popular “First Books” article, where debut writers and illustrators explain what they did right and how you can follow in their footsteps to success.
  • In-depth articles on picture books, query letters, novel voice, author platform, the status of indie-publishing, literary agents, and more.

Includes “New Agent Spotlights”–profiles on literary reps actively seeking new writers of children’s books right now.


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekVincent Price Presents: Volume 10
by Blue Water Productions

Vincent Price is the master of the cult gothic horror films.

In this graphic novel is the sequels to the classic films Witchfinder General, Last Man on Earth and Tingler.

Collects Vincent Price Presents #0, #20, and The Tingler #1 and #2.

Note: Intended for readers 12+.

$15.99 $5.99

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Newest Free Products

The Vicar: sample story from Twisted Light
by T Publications

From the mind behind Twisted Dark comes something a little lighter. Twisted Light is the other side of the coin, each story designed to leave the reader feeling uplifted. Despite this, Gibson still injects the story with his trademark warped humour… a …

Creepy Scarlett issue 4 preview
by Last Sunset Comics

Issue 4 preview

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #566–Painkiller Jane and Harley Quinn
by Secret Identity

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Rainbow in the Dark #6
by Comfort Love and Adam Withers
Price: $0.99

“Lose” The survival of the new community in the city stands on the brink as those who resent life outside the gloom conspire with the Veratu to tear it all down. Raina tries to put her struggles behind her, Donna finally understands the power d…

Bonnie and Clyde — The Beginning: a graphic novel
by McFarland 
Price: $17.99 $9.99

This graphic novel tracks the first year of Bonnie and Clyde’s extraordinary crime spree. Beginning in April 1932 in Texas, these pages depict the accelerating path of robberies and shoot-outs that made the duo infamous, and reveal what drove Clyde Barro…

God War #2
by Blue Water Productions
Price: $3.99< /s> $1.99

Odyssey arrives in the Underworld only to find a renegade Mayan priestess trying to resurrect the glory of an ancient empire. A depleted and exhausted Odyssey is the only thing standing between an undead army fueled by Soul Fire and the world of the livin…

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From Rebellion comes the last in this mini-series. This is Hawk The Slayer #5. UK and DIGITAL: 10 August £3.99 NORTH AMERICA: TBC $6.50 DIAMOND: TBC Don’t miss the all new comic-book sequel to the classic eighties fantasy […]

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