Digital Comics Review: Deadpool: The Gauntlet Infinite Comic #3

Deadpool has trekked from the Arabian desert to the heart of Greece, carting a very sensitive package for the lord of vampires…but her certainly wasn’t counting on running into the Minotaur! This is going to be one a-MAZE-ing fight! Don’t miss it, or you’ll be Infinitely sorry!



Deadpool continues his new job as Vampire delivery boy in #3 of this infinite comic. There is a high degree of fun in this – it doesn’t take itself seriously, and that works well with not only the character, but the style of the infinite comic. We get a chase scene which includes Deadpool, a Minotaur, mopeds, a zebra and a cart…..

The story is continued well, with Dracula’s bride to be making an appearance in a way which matches the infinite canvas extremely well.

There is a very nice link into the wider Marvel Universe at the end which makes for a nice hook leading into the rest of the series!

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