Digital Comics Review: Oculus From Tabella Publishing

Oculus takes place in the year 2027 in the fictional city of New Oxford. Oculus technology allows you to share everything you can see and hear across a worldwide network of users. Society is so used to the technology, that it is now primarily used as a social networking and communication tool. 

Oculus begins with Shane, just out of college, joining the Major Crime department of the New Oxford Constabulary. Shane is quickly teamed up with his new work-obsessed partner Jeff, and together they go to investigate a grisly murder that has been recorded and broadcast across the Oculus network. They soon discover that not all is as it seems, and that the victim had in fact committed suicide only days before. There is no murder; the recording was a trick, but why?

With the help of the other members of the Major Crime department, and some of Jeff’s eccentric friends, the duo must attempt to piece together the puzzle before this bizarre offender strikes again…




With a not-inconceivable shift in technology we get an excellent detective story.  Admitly is does start slow, but there are some excellent pieces here and the technology in which the story revolves is easy to understand and to judge it’s limitations. The characters are well rounded and there are some nice touches with the art that make it an excellent compination.

We get a good look at the individual characters and their motivations, thoughts and interests in only a way that comics can do. This style reminds me of the work that Warren Ellis did with D’Israeli – SKV.

The mystery continues throughout the story as we, along with the characters look at each different scenario, but they are discounted, until we finish with a logical reason. It’s not a closed book finish, but that is not the nature of the beast – in fact the end is the beginning of something new.

And that’s what this is – something new. Well done for Tabella for again bringing us a uniques storytelling perspective!

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Luke Melia is a 27 year old aspiring writer who lives with his wife in Oxfordshire. Luke has a keen interest in storytelling, and from a young age has had a passion for cinema and comic books. Luke is a civil servant by day, but has always enjoyed writing as a hobby.  Oculus is Luke’s first attempt at writing something with the intention of it going further. With Oculus, Luke’s goal was to write a down-to-earth science fiction novel that focused more on the characters than showing off new technologies. Using an unusual police mystery as a backdrop, Luke has built a universe that peeks into the social networking of the future.




Vinny Smith is the penciller and inker for Oculus. Vinny has been completely infatuated with drawing since he was able to pick up a pencil. He has been drawing non-stop for almost his entire life and he couldn’t be happier with his career as an illustrator. He is entirely self-taught and continues to try and better himself with each passing day, hoping to become as skilled as some of the comic book greats that he has come to admire and idolize over the years. When Vinny’s not drawing, you can usually find him catching up with TV shows, books, comics and films too numerous to count.





David Anderson is the colourist and cover artist on Oculus. He has always loved drawing and creating artwork and has been doing so since he was a child. He has had no formal training in art per say, but has trained in graphic design and enjoys creating art digitally. David is a happily married father of 3 from Liverpool. He loves his job and hopes it continues long past working on this great project, which he has enjoyed immensely. His hobbies are drawing, writing, video games, reading and watching far too many sit-coms

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