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Rapid City Below Zero is a super-villain revenge tragedy created by Josh Dahl, a writer who’s been working face-to-face with criminals for over a decade in  Boston’s juvenile justice system.


This 12 part comic book series follows Icicle, a female super-villain, on her journey to get revenge on the man who killed her lover. A gang of super-villains are betrayed and murdered by their boss, the ambitious Coil. The only survivors of this treachery are Claw Hammer and Icicle, and in among the dead is Icicle’s boyfriend Piledriver. Before she can take her revenge, Coil positions himself at the top of Rapid City’s villain underworld. She no longer knows who she can trust. What is stronger, loyalty to a friend or fear of a new crime boss?


Rapid City Below Zero is one complete story that also has ties to other Rapid City comic books like B-Sides and Objects at Rest. The story will be published first as individual 22-pages issues, and then in larger format collected editions. These will be available in paper and digital editions, and for sale online, at conventions, and in local comic shops.


Rapid City comics began as a script writing experiment by writer and educator, Josh Dahl. When he began writing about the personal and social aspects of becoming a superhero, Dahl drew from his own experiences with musicians and comics creators. But, when the focus of the story shifted to the villains of that world, Dahl began to draw on his many years working with criminals as a teacher in Boston’s juvenile justice system.

Artist Shawn Langley, of the successfully Kickstarted Earthruler, came on board and began designing characters and drawing pages. Kyle Kaminski (Big Blue Comics) lettered and produced. Educator and tattoo artist Micah Faulkner provided the final touch with color art on the front and back covers.

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