Digital Comics Review: Bang Bang Lucita

Lucita is a Mexican immigrant living in Harrisburg. She works for Mr. Baylor, as the head chef in his restaurant. In her spare time, she leads a secret life as a swashbuckling knife fighter.


One of two women of action characters from NimProd – with a look to combining the two in a nice crossover, this first issue hit all the right notes. Kicking off with the location (Western), the antagonist and, obviously, Lucita.


The addition of the President into this works really well, and he has a few choice words on how Lucita is talked to by her emloyer – who has no idea of her true nature.

This is a fast moving issue, with a lot happening, but deals with it well and before you know it you are at the end of the issue, hanging on!
I don’t read many western genres, but I found this easy to get into and read.

Lucita has a hidden past – one that she didn’t want her employer to discover, but with the Presidential visit, things happen and she is forced to act….

The art is well done, with some nice colouring and letter – I think this adds to the ease of the reading experience. There are some nice action scenes too. As well as the comic, you also get a good look at the creative pencils too!


NimProd was founded by Nimesh Morarji around 2003 as a company that initially focused on CGI in creating products for Poser and Daz software. Slowly, we started to shift to creating content related to comics. After a few years and encountering some limitations of the software of the time, the founder decide to learn coloring for comics. This enabled Nimesh to pursue his dream, bringing excitement back to the Western genre.
Once upon a time, Westerns were fun and cool, but have unfortunately all but died as a mainstream genre. NimProd is focusing on creating a new world based on the western genre, that will appeal to a new audience. The mission is to bring a new take and fresh look, while creating some fun and entertaining adventures. In addition, we are setting out to build stories with strong female leads in a genre that has a history of testosterone dominance. We’re bringing sexy with a side of butt kick.
Joining in this mission we have Chuck Amadori, a talented writer with an knack for creating interesting characters full of personality and addicting stories with quality dialogue. He accepted this challenge to bring a genre back and brought his imprint, Isle Squared Comics, to co-produce our titles.

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