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Things look bleak in the Grey Area!

Part five of Judge Dredd: Enceladus kicks off where we left off, with the arrival of the Sovs! Things don’t look good at the beginning, but don’t worry – they do get worse! And this isn’t an ending, this is a precursor to something big coming towards Mega City One!

Orlok adds some needed humour into the story with the East Meg agent making his way to where the Oz soaps were made for Brit Cit consumption – a nice dig there! Things heat up here as we come towards the conclusion – a battle for the body of the artist Rasputin – although his soul is a different matter!

Slaine continues his flashbacks in Primordial – the second book of The Bruania Chronicles. The sins of the father (and the boy) seem to be haunting Slaine, while the armies of Lord Weird seem to be pitted against him. Things look grim!

Part two of Locked In – The Grey Area adventure on the other side of the universe show some tensions within the Grey Area, with the aliens picking on each other. There’s some dark humor here, and a look that aliens may not all be physically the same in terms of weak points! I love the use of light in this arc too!

In Stontium Dog – The Stix Fix, Johnny works his way out of a difficult situation with the rest of the Stix family and makes a way to get them to help him! Johnny knows someone else is onto him, and he always has a plan, so it will be interesting to see what happens next!


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