Review: The Indifference Engine 2: The SuicideShow

A suburban slacker turned one-man genocide is blackmailed into slaughtering his way through a web of interconnected parallel realities, destroying every single alternate version of himself. Frustrated and desperate, everything changes when one of his targets unwittingly presents a possible way out. It’s his only chance of freedom, and all it will cost him is the future.


What feels like a lifetime ago, one of the first titles I reviewed was the initial volume of The Indifference Engine! It was featured on the PSP digital comics title!

In closing, this is an excellent mini series from an excellent team. Markosia should be proud to showcase such British talent, showing that great things are ahead. This is also a coup for the PSP Comics network and what mobile comics are all about.

Now, I’m glad to see that Cy Dethan has returned to the world with artist Russ Leach to provide more of the same special storytelling!
I often discuss world building – especially in new titles. The writer can create their own scenarios, as they are the god of that world, they make the rules… Cy Dethan has decided to up the ante on that and go for multiverse building instead!
And he still makes all the rules!

I would recommend readers to go back and read volume one of this series as there is a lot to take in here – once you’re in, you are hooked, with some excellent action scenes and varying degrees of danger.
For nearly 100 pages there is a lot to take in, and it’s worth a second reading – not only for the story, but also to appreciate the art on display.

What we get in this story is an adventure which features the main character battling himself! Working to remove these dopplegangers and mostly succeeding –  each one has his strengths and weaknesses, but one makes a difference to the routine! It’s a twisted tale, which starts to take shape after the first act, and then it’s non-stop all the way!

The art is excellent – taking in the different aspects of the story – there are inter dimensional jumps, battle scenes and some nice close and wide scenes!

Check this out!

The Indifference Engine 2: The SuicideShow is available on Amazon Kindle here, and soon on Comixology and DriveThruComics

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