Review: Worldwide Odd #1



Five stories in this digital anthology of the odd!

The Prologue starts us off with a little forth wall breaking – referencing the titles of this comic on the first page! One page that sets the tone for the rest in a smart way!
Part one of A Slight Resurrection kicks off the stories with a smooth car journey, interspersed with a radio show and music. We get an idealistic family scene with a wife, husband and kids all in the background with the radio tunes playing! It’s only at the very end of the story do we get a real view, not even hinted at, just there in a jarring way, which shocks you and gets you looking forward to the next part!
Going West gives us a bit of an alternate history with vampires, Guliver and a train journey in 1900. I really like the art style, it’s unique and interesting. The claustraphobic train journey, full of darkness and speed is an excellent idea, as is the twist at the end which is something that bothered me!
King Of Mosquito Point is a touching story that I’m sure all dog owners and parents can relate to – nice and short.
Epilogue bookends the stories with a continuation of the theme – in all it’s all an enjoyable read and something to get your teeth into.

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