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Judge Dredd #30

“Crowd Control,” conclusion. Former Chief Justice Cal has been sentenced to hard labor on the prison moon Titan–Dredd finds himself torn between saving longtime partner Judge Anderson and upholding the law.


The final issue wraps it all up nicely and brings us back to the status quo – there are some good bits here with Dredd being Dredd and the response to all the clones, robots and Cal being polished off! This has been a great run, and it’s interesting to see if Dredd will return to IDW – I like the ending and don’t know when I’ll get out!!!

Ragnarok #5

Thor goes in search of the Well of Mimir, the Well of Knowledge, a quest fraught with danger in the penultimate issue of this first arc!



As the first arc nears its end, we get a look at what came before with Thor meeting and old friend and becoming more like Odin. It’s a unique story, in a unique world with all manner of beasts and creatures to learn of. There is more to come as we near Asgard! Thor may be a god of few worlds, but he uses them well – as he does his powers!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #46

Casey prepares for a final showdown with Hun as the Purple Dragons run amok. Meanwhile the TMNT struggle to reunite as a family while a greater threat looms… what is THE STOCKMAN SWARM?


Just as we get ourselves in place for the new status quo, another one jumps in! A new leader of the Foot Clan, the Purple Dragons re-emerge, Baxter Stockman has plans, Robot Donatello, and a new emerging threat! Things don’t slow down in the world of TMNT. This continues to be an enjoyable read, with heart, soul and action!

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