Reviews: Red Sonja & King: Flash Gordon

Two of Dynamite Entertainments latest digital comics reviewed!

Red Sonja #16

From the acclaimed creative team of Gail Simone and Walter Geovanni, the final chapter in the epic “Forgiving of Monsters” saga finds the She-Devil with a Sword besieged from every side. A parasitic infestation, an intensely personal grudge, an imperiled Astronomer, and an entire kingdom on the verge of homicidal fury have all led to a showdown so bloody and explosive, it surely lives up to — or even exceeds — the Red Sonja series’ reputation of swords-and-sorcery excellence!



Finishing this arc in a way suitable to this whole story – Red Sonja faces a fight like no other in this issue. There are some really touching moments here with some familiar faces making a return. This issue did run fast, but it was no less interesting as we don’t know what is real and what is some fever dream!

King: Flash Gordon #4

ALL-OUT UNDERWATER WAR! Ming is willing to destroy an entire planet to kill Flash! Will our heroes be able to raise an army in time to destroy the Merciless’ plan…or is this the end of The Man From Earth?



A final issue and it’s all out battle. The three main characters all do what they do best, with a sudden jarring ending and hopefully a way forward. This has been a good series, and I’ve really been hoping that it would go on longer, but perhaps mini series are better for these!

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