T Pub Comics: Tabatha, Tortured Life & Twisted Dark

T Pub Comics have a selection of digital comics available on Comixology or on ComicsFix and are a mainstay at conventions!


T Pub are a British comic book publisher and the creators of Twisted Dark, Tabatha, Tortured Life and The World of Chub Chub. Launching in 2011, our titles have already topped the Kindle Charts and regularly sell out at comic conventions around the world.


Tortured Life #1

Richard can see how you’re going to die. And he hates it. Cursed with visions of death, he decides to take his own life… but instead finds himself plunged into a conspiracy involving, murder, cults and a quest for immortality. He’s having a really bad week.

This is an interesting read and although the first issue is all set-up, it’s done in a worthwhile way which makes a great impression on you for the following issues. Although the subject is pretty dark, there are snatches of humour here and there that make this a fun and interesting read that comes out from left field. The cliffhanger ending makes this especially interesting!


Tabatha is the story of Luke, an LA postman, but with the customary twist that readers have come to expect from writer Neil Gibson – Luke is also a thief, going back at night to rob empty houses on his route. Unfortunately for Luke and his friends, one night they decide to rob the wrong house and things begin to spiral out of their control…

Wow! there are some villains that you may hate, some that you love to hate, but this has something that gives you the creeps! No-one comes out of this looking particularly well in this, but it’s finishes with a grim humour and a flourish. I would say that the joy in this issue is all in the build up, getting you connected to characters and making you like them – making the ending all the more jarring!

Twisted Dark #1

Twisted Dark is a series of interconnected psychological thrillers, perfect for fans of twist endings and comics that reveal more on the second reading. Each story stands alone, but the more you read, the more connections you see between the characters. There are over 100 characters that appear more than once and one of the joys of reading is when you spot a reference that you know others will have missed. A rotating team of talented artists draw the stories, with each style offering something new.

This is a really interesting mix of stories, from the grim to even grimmer – there is some excellent character development in each story, and admittedly some which even got to me! The story span the globe and take in all different types of circumstances. There are links between them and something else too. There are some stories which will make you smile in a grim way, and some that will make you think a little harder than you would expect!

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