Review: 2000 AD Prog 1932


We come close to the end of some stories with this Prog of 2000 AD!

Part four of Breaking Bud has Judge Dredd getting closer to the answers to all the crimes. Things come to a climax in short order with Bud, the time travelers and Dredd. Next week the conclusion!

Slaine finally gets through to Sinead in Primordial with Slaine being on the receiving end of some beatings! There is also some interesting backstory with the Drune Lords as well that adds to the story!

Next up we have a one-shot Future Shocks with an intergalactic heist! This is actually an thought-provoking read with the reduction of physical currency being used, we will see less of these type stories!

Part two of Tharg’s 3Rillers gets us to the middle act, explaining the mystery of these TV adverts and whats behind them and also laying out the threat for the final act next week!

Finally Strontium Dog – The Stix Fix has Johnny Alpha walking into what he knows is a trap. Everything starts fitting into place here, the only thing left is how Johnny gets out of it. There’s a lot of clever action going on here, as well as some humour!


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