Review: Big Punch Magazine #3

Trapped in an Extraversal graveyard with a terrifying monster and a mysterious artefect, the crew of the Reflektor undertake a dangerous gambit; Elsie finds herself caught between a rock and a hard place as Tyler Goldensheath tangles with the deadly Handtaker; in the aftermath of the battle that claimed the life of a Paragon, a young girl journeys deep inside the mind of the Orb; and Cyanne goes on a recruitment drive as she seeks a Yellow Catcher to join her crew…


Kicking off this issue we have Cuckoos and things are not looking good for the team with an attack from extra-dimensional beings. There’s learning and action in this issue!
Orb gives us a look at the aftermath of the angels and gods. We get a look at those higher up, but we are rapidly brought back down to earth with the injured child and her link to the Orb.
99 Swords gives us a great battle scene with Tyler Golden sheath fighting someone looking to take the swords for the company – The Handtaker! It’s a really fun read that remind me of some of the old cartoon series I used to watch!
Cat & Meringue gives us a start to a bit of an ongoing for this one page comic.
The Wall gives us a better idea of the world, the people and the systems that they live in. There’s some recruiting here and what looks like the beginning of a rivalry.

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