Reviews: Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Drax, Obi-Wan & Anakin and Star Wars


My thoughts of some of this weeks digital comics from Marvel Comics


This issue completes the story started from last issue – for now, as it seems to hint at something more complicated. It is a little annoying in that I thought/hoped that this would have been a longer, more detailed reintroduction of Daredveil/Matt Murdock to Elektra. I did think this issue did some nice things though – it added extra tension to the relationship between Matt and Foggy. The relationship between Daredevil and Blindspot seems to be getting closer as Blindspot, injured by Elektra last issue, needs work to live, so Daredevil offers him a job with Matt Murdock – I’m not sure how that is going to work as isn’t Blindspot an illegal immigrant? We shall see what is referred to at the end of this in the next issue!

Doctor Strange’s fightback starts here, as he and some of the other magic users in the Marvel Universe work to track down some of the last remaining pieces of magic on earth. It’s a nice jumping on point once you get past the staus quo and into the action. There’s the ongoing problem of the robots and wolves (with lasers!) chasing the magic users, but on top of that, something dark has been released from Doctor Strange’s basement – and it looks to be something that is going to cause a problem for both sides. I like the similarities between Doctor Strange and Iron Man in this issue – Iron Man even gets a mention!

Drax’s problems continue as he not only has to deal with the children he has saved, but also deal with bounty hunters who are after him. There seems to be more than one reason as to why he has a price on his head – and we only find out one of them in this issue. This is another solid issue, with the right amounts of humour, surprise, action and heart all in. We get a good guest star and also another nice cliffhanger for next issue!

Well, i’m pleased that this was over again! i really didn’t enjoy this issue or the mini series. I thought it felt manufactured and bland. That’s not to say that there wasn’t some good points – most of them involved Obi-Wan! including his whole idea to deal with the whole problem on this warring planet – there is some nice explanations too, but everything else just felt blah to me. i don’t know why either – the art was good and some of the writing did work, but there wasn’t enough of the good stuff to balance with the bad – maybe it’s Anakin?

Ooooh – that’s who the bounty hunter is! – No spoilers, but everything is connected and this answers some of the questions really well – it also links nicely into the current ongoing Darth Vader series as we find out the fate of Doctor Aphra (for now) Leia is written really well here, as is the building of the relationship between Han and Luke. This finished off the arc and gets the decks all clear for a new storyline in a nice way.

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