Reviews: Daredevil, Moon Knight & Doctor Strange

My thoughts on three (non Civil War II) Marvel comics out this week!


This creepy story gets ramped up a notch as Daredevil and Blindspot investigate this new piece of nastyness in Hell’s Kitchen. It’s currently left ambiguous (at the beginning) whether there is a killer on the loose, or someone with a sick sense of art. Both Daredevil and Matt Murdock have an interest in this as Matt has been asked (as DA) to close down one of those displaying the gruesome art for profit. Matt has a bit of a dilemma as he worries as to where it will lead – but after some soul searching and advise from a still cross Foggy, he makes a choice. Meanwhile Daredevil finally finds the villain after some issue with the Inhumans adn he’s dammed creepy!

Moon Knight kicks off from where the end of the last issue and previous arc finished – in the movie studio. Playing out some new parts of Moon Knight’s mind, this is a fractured read which really needs you on board from the initial arc. Things are happening and there seems to be some cracks beginning to show in either the reality we are reading or in Marc’s (?) mind. There isn’t a lot of action here, but there is a lot of something going on!

Magic has died (in the Marvel U) and now Doctor Strange has to resurrect it (Magic: Rebirth?) and it seems that he is going to be going about it all by himself. This needs new methods and new books as everything has gone! The action is well done and there is some really nice looks into the past (which link to the cliffhanger at the end). We also get a nice look at some of the other magic users too! Looks like things are going to heat up!

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