Review: Innsmouth #1

A new series from Sink/Swim Press!

Megan James’ debut comic Innsmouth follows the tumbling misadventures of a sect of Cthulu cultists as they try to bring about the end of the world. HP Lovecraft is dancing in his grave thanks to this entertaining take on his time-tested mythology.


Wow! I don’t know where to start with new series. I got into it not knowing what to expect, and I finished up not knowing what will happen next! Will the end of the world come about?
We don’t know.

What we do know is that this is a wildly entertaining read, with a large cast of characters introduced – including a representative of Cthulu!
Building around the Innsmouth area we meet Randolph Higgle – a junior member in the local cult. He does all the usual things – helps with the children, delivers pamphlets and then gets to help bring about the end of the world!
There’s a lot of world building here, as we get a look at the locals of Innsmouth and their cultist ways – including some of the church and their thoughts on the current status quo! We also move away from Innsmouth to the local college and this in itslef gives us a nice introduction to Randolph and works as a good plot device later in the issue.
Once the issue ends, we have it all set up for an interesting, fun and humerous story!
The art is good fun to read too – bright and clourful in places, with some good humour too. I love the style and the way everyone is drawn!


Innsmouth #1 is available digitally here

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