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Following on from the completion of the Nova series, we get Nova, Ms Marvel and Spider-Man forming a new group with Viv Vision and the Totally Awesome Hulk. It’s a good mix of these characters as they want to be something different to The Avengers, they have a different MO and there seems to be others who agree with them – heroes and the general public as the ending shows. This looks to be a good team book, and the dynamics between the characters is excellent. Hopefully there will be a suitable ‘big bad’ for them to deal with….

A new arc starts for Doctor Strange and the return of Baron Mordo looks to be the main problem for the Doctor, but there are other issues too – this issue spends time building up to what we think is going to be the fight between the two, but then it pulls the rug from under us and brings us someone else! It’s interesting with this Doctor – he can’t just wave his arms around to fix things, and this makes things harder for him….

Jessica Jones returns to the MAX line, and with the original writer and art team too! There are many mysteries in this issue – mainly, what has happened to her baby? This seems really odd, and I’ll be interested to see where that goes. As for the others – why was she in prison? It seems to me that she wasn’t in a normal prison, and probably wasn’t in there for normal reasons! Then we have her latest case – a husband who seems to remember the times before Secret Wars! This was a nice introduction to those who maybe missed the original series, but know the comics and the story. It may be a little too confusing at first for just fans of the Netflix series though!

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