Reviews: Doctor Strange, Drax, Nova, Rocket Raccoon & Groot and Star Wars

My thoughts on some of this weeks digital comics from Marvel Comics


After the dust has settled and Doctor Strange is settling into the new status quo, an arrival causes some problems. It’s good to see Clea back in Strange’s life, and this special issue reestablishes the relationship between the two of them. Between the heart to heart there are problems with contractors. Let’s face it – Wong and Strange weren’t going to get in a normal building contractor were they!
It’s a nice one-shot which adds to the whole storyline going on in the main series, but you don’t need it!

Drax’s story finishes here and there all the loose ends wrapped up before Drax joins back up with the Guardians of the Galaxy. This issue, as well as wrapping up all the loose ends, are the inclusion of all the supporting cast in a very well done way. There is plenty of action going on here, as well as a lot of heart as Drax learns a number of lessons that we hopefully be part of him moving forward. The story was also wrapped up in a way that some of the supporting characters could be used well at a later date. I’ve enjoyed the series!

Nova also finishes here as he moves on to join The Champions. This was an issue light on action, but there were still a number of interesting parts as Sam discovers more about his helmet and Nova powers. There’s also the addition of an old friend of Nova lore! Without spoiling it, it was a touching part for long term Nova fans, as well as an interesting epilogue. I think Nova being with The Champions is a good plan.

Rocket, Groot and Gwenpool finish their adventures together here, and this links in more to Civil War II more than the other issues as Captain Marvel actually features. Other than that though, it’s a good read, with the right amount of humour as well. I especially like Gwenpool and Rockets interaction, but it shouldn’t be too much of all that! Hopefully that’s all from Civil War II in this title though as I like the duo’s adventures in space!

Star Wars continues the story arc as we discover the reasons as to why the team had hijacked the Star Destroyer! To defeat a blockade on a sympathetic planet the rebels are going to use it to ram the capital ships out the way! On board, things are getting fraught between Han and Leia, but at least one person has noticed the reasoning behind it. Meanwhile, as they wait for the Admiral to command the ship, things go worse as the Empire have got wind of the hijacking and sent in their best team…
This issue had a lot of build up for what we’re going to get next issue.

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