Review: Supernaught #1

Supernaut is a sci-fi, cosmic story of astronaut Stephen Haddon's discovery of the mysterious "Oortum Bands" hidden on the moon and the transformative journey that occurs afterwards.

Coherent Wave Interference Pattern
A 21st-Century cosmic hero myth, this is SUPERNAUT! Reality-hopping thieves join the newly ascended consciousness of Astronaut Stephen Haddon – now known as the Supernaut – pulling trans-dimensional capers across the Macroverse! Strange artifacts on the Moon, meeting God and stealing a map to the land of the dead from a secret pyramid beneath the Pentagon. A mystical, cosmic, sci-fi adventure like no other!

Written and art by Michael David Nelsen



This is pure Sci-Fi, mixing 2001 with…something else! Let’s start on the story before I start drooling over the art!

Starting out, I was a little concerned that this was going to be too wordy for me to get into.  This issue seems to start at the end, but it gives us what we need to continue. God is a bastard and he’s put a hit out on this reality (and others?) We start with the confrontation and things escalate pretty quickly! Then we’re off the ‘previously’ – many of them, but they all do an amazing job of building us up to the beginning (or is it the end) Yes, there are some wordy parts, but these all build us up in the mythos of the story – adding to it nicely.

Now the art.
It’s not just the art, but the design too. There are some amazing set pieces, large sprawling panels. Some amazing vistas and areas which show us all the different worlds and races. The colours are just brilliant, with some apt areas which suit the who and the where. Then there are the ppanel designs – breaking panels, nine-panel grids and more – it really is a feast!

This is an excellent start to an amazing looking comic!

Supernaught #1 is available on comiXology here by 215 Ink

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