Review: Supernaught #3

An impossible theft at the edge of the universe!

The Secret Particles, This Collapsing Dance
An impossible theft at the edge of the universe! Supernaut leads a group of inter-dimensional thieves to steal a Book of Knowledge from fallen gods. Hidden deep in a citadel and protected by deadly aliens and ghastly traps, the group must recover the Book, and evade betrayal and death at every turn. Can the team pull off “The Book Job” and continue their quest to stop universal cataclysm?

Written and art by Michael David Nelsen


With three of the five items procured we move onto the next item which is a book of knowledge.

There’s a lot of build up here as we get a full introduction of the rest of the crew. It’s done in a really clever way – first we get the part of the heist that they are involved in, then we get a full bio and history of the team member. This is done in a classic golden age comic style with the text and art to match.

The heist isn’t exactly as they thought, but it seems like it all works out.

Then there’s some flashbacks to the history of the Supernaught and the space programme he was involved in. It looks like there was something more to it all too. There also seems to be something more to the crew too with something going on in the background.

This issue have me a feel of some of the issues of Warren Ellis’s Planetary – which I love!

Supernaught #3 is available on comiXology here by 215 Ink

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