Reviews: A.D.: After Death, Kingsway West & Lumberjanes

My thoughts on some digital comics out this week!

Ok, before you read, this is a 71 page book (hense the price increase and the ‘volume 1’ of the story.
There’s a lot to take in here, starting with the beginning – a story of a first memory, with a family trip gone horrible, and a childs eye view of it all. I really got into it at this point and it is pretty moving!
After a quick look at the future we get a small understanding of this future and the people in it – although the introduction to this is quite interesting!
then we continue on with the narrators story of their childhood. It’s really well written from a single point of view – giving us a viewpoint from a child’s eyes and combined with some excellent artwork. Fast fowarding into the future we get more of an idea of what this future is all about and more about our narrator, the artwork and the colours are excellent!
It looks lie there is a plan or a quest, and this is just the beginning!

Kingsway West awakens from a dream, and things are explained to him – things don’t look much better for him when he’s awake. He just wants to find his wife, and the dragon has lost the scent! kingsway seems to have had his decision made for him in an excellent action scene, and while that happens he seems to have got some trust from the people he is helping! The end of the issue ends with a “to be concluded” so we’ve got it all to play for in this excellent series.

The Lumberjanes have some games to play as they try to get to the bottom of the mystery of the stone people. There is a bit of a learning curve for some of the members as they learn about the ancient games of the gods. We also learn who is behind all this and why. It’s been a fun ride and the way of turning the campers back from stone is a cheerful nudge and wink to some classic tropes.

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