Reviews: Bullseye, Champions, Iron Fist, Nova, Secret Empire & The Unstoppable Wasp

Bullseye #4, Champions #8, Iron Fist #3, Nova #6, Secret Empire #1 & The Unstoppable Wasp #5

My thoughts on some of the latest digital comics from Marvel Comics


The penultimate part to this Bullseye mini-series brings things all together. Bullseye still seems to be on top of things – well, at least until he gets electrocuted. We loose some characters in this issue, but Bullseye spends most of the issue tied to a chair, so that’s not going to be him is it? Bullseye is his usual sarcastic self, but he does indeed speak the truth – both to the son of the mob boss he has been hired to rescue, as well as the FBI agent.
I get the feeling Bullseye will get out of this alive – whether or not he is free is a different matter!

There is a lot of soul searching in this issue, with the Freelancers having copywrited the name ‘Champions’, things look bleak. The team really don’t know how to handle it – and it’s Nova who comes up with the best way – I can’t believe I didn’t think of it either! It’s a unique and up to date way!
Meanwhile the issue deals with the relationships of the other members really well, there is a degree of bonding and some fun lines. Viv continues to be an excellent character and it’s fitting the next arc is going to be about her.

We get some more awesome Kung-Fu, and another link to the K’un-Lun past for Iron Fist. We also discover more about this mysterious island, and what their motivations are – it doesn’t look good for Danny and it looks like he won’t be in the dark much longer.
The Kung Fu scenes are excellent, and I really enjoy reading them – I’m glad they keep those!
There are still more fights to come – and it looks like not just the tournament!

We get some understanding on how Rich Rider escaped the cancer-verse in this issue. It’s a sad tale really, and makes some sense. It’s quite a twisted tale and we get some commentary from the Nova Worldmind as we get what happened to Rider while in the cancer-verse, after freeing Star-Lord.
The ending was interesting, and I wonder if we will get a sufficient explanation for how the surprise visitor at the end got there!

The Empire starts here. Now (after a very good issue #0) we get a real look at how America is being run under Hydra. Captain America isn’t finding it easy, and there are some tough decisions to make. He does make some and it doesn’t look good for some.
We also get a good look at the history and state of the country. Enforced prison camps, dreadnought building and a real push against the rebellion!
The rebellion looks to be in a sorry state, and I wonder how the fightback will go….
There’s the infighting among the ruling council that may also cause problems.
I really liked this issue and the series looks strong!

We get a race against time as Nadia and her team are trying to defuse a bomb in her friends head. This was a fast moving issue, with some excellent panel transitions and ideas. I love that there was shock that the girls turned off their phones (I would be shocked too) and Jarvis and Murdock are excellent in this as peripheral characters.
The girls are brilliant, all with unique specialties and personalities.
Next issue looks good!

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