Reviews: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Transformers

My thoughts on two digital comics from IDW Publishing – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #97 and Transformers #11

Transformers #11

Chromia and Windblade raid a Rise base in search for clues about the identity of Brainstorm’s murderer, only to be discovered-and the Rise isn’t happy. Meanwhile, Bumblebee sees his first bit of action as the Ascenticon Guard is called to defend a building under siege!

Brian Ruckley – Writer
Andrew Griffith – Artist
Bethany McGuire-Smith – Artist
James Raiz – Cover Artist
Guido Guidi – Variant Cover Artist
George Caltsoudas – Variant Cover Artist

We start to get some answers here. First though, it’s good to see Starscream – he’s always been one of my favourites, and I have wondered what his role would be. We get a good look into Bumblebee’s reasoning for joining the guard, and it’s a good one. I think it may casue him trouble, but I love the way his character has been dealt with. He’s still quite sprightly, but there’s an underlying sadness and anger there too.
Orion Pax has his moments, and we’re seeing the leader in him. Talking of leaders, this is a lot about Megatron here, and his leadership – really well done, and not as insane as he is usually. Well done! That last page…..

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #97

City at War, Part 5. With enemies victorious on all sides and allies in short supply, the TMNT are at their lowest point. Yet as the TMNT start to blame themselves, a greater threat looms ever closer…

Tom Waltz – Writer
Kevin Eastman – Writer, Variant Cover Artist
Michael Dialynas – Artist
Dave Wachter – Cover Artist
Cory Smith – Variant Cover Artist

The dark times. The assault on Splinter’s foot clan is in full swing and things don’t look good. There are some bright moments. Casey and Jenny seem to have a good moment in the battle and the brothers are all together. The build up is well done, as is Leo’s reaction at the end (always the sensible route!)
Hun was interesting, and it looks to be a problem going forward with him. The bit with Metalhead and Harold was my favourite in this issue, and I think that may be something as we move towards #100!

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