Review – Ghostbusters: Year One #4

Finishing off this mini-series from IDW Publishing we get a look into the mind of Egon. In Ghostbusters: Year One #4.

The final interview for the Ghostbusters biography is with EGON SPENGLER, who is inspecting the damaged firehouse while they talk. The secret history of the Ghostbusters first run in business concludes here!

Erik Burnham (Author) Dan Schoening (Artist, Cover Artist)

Egon is the final Ghostbuster to be interviewed and it seems quite fitting. The others all have their say and warnings on dealing with Egon – lets face it, he can be a little intense.
What follows is an interesting story in-between the lines of the first Ghostbuster film, but told after it. We see the state of the Ghostbusters station (don’t forget the explosion) and the mood Egon is in. We see a little more of a famous ghost and how Egon deals with it.
Winston, Ray and Peter get some good cameos here.
It does end with an interesting twist, and I do wonder if this will lead into a new Ghostbusters series, or if it’s something I missed.

The art continues really strong, with the facial expressions of Egon particularly spot on. The ghosts and their movements were well played.

This series has been written strongly and the style of the interview technique is really well done – it fits perfectly too.

Hopefully we’ll get more from the team as the movie comes close.

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