Review: Don Vega

From Europe Comics, this excellent twist on a classic tale includes some action and the letter ‘Z’

The year is 1849, and the future state of California is under the control of former soldiers from the Mexican-American War. Their leader, General Gomez, is busy buying up the locals’ land for pennies on the dollar, so that he and his cronies can maximize their profits from the coming gold rush. But he and his men are dogged by a series of masked, would-be avengers all calling themselves Zorro. They are an almost laughable annoyance, simple peasants living out the fantasy of a local legend. Until one man shows up and starts picking off Gomez’s men one by one, as stealthy as a fox. He brandishes a sword which he uses to carve the letter Z into his victims’ cheeks… Could this be the true Zorro?

Script and art by Pierre Alary

Zorro seems to be one of the ‘classic’ heroes that I never really saw or read. Oh yes, I was aware of him and I enjoyed the Antonio Banderas movies about him. I know though that those movies only scratch the surface of the character.

Maybe it’s being from the UK – we have Robin Hood who could be seen as similar.

This is a story worth the read. There is a sizable history dump at the beginning – something I wasn’t expecting, but it stops any unnessary exposition later on.

Lets talk about the story first. This was a well plotted story, with more ups than downs. The continuous ‘pretenders’ was well done. The trope didn’t get old and there was an excellent payoff to that at the end.

I like the build up to it all. The title characters are well built up. There are some sympathetic characters and some not so. The introduction helps with it all the names as they link up.

There are some good action scenes too – with some excellent scenes of peril and also some forboding. I like the final battle with a well done conclusion.

I would happily see a prequel to this story too.

The art is well done, with the horse riding scenes – especially the escapes – well shown. I like the teases shown in the art and there are some very good lighting effects.

In all this was a captivating read, with some brilliant scenes. It was a bit of a shame when it was all over!

You can get Don Vega from Europe Comics digitally here.

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