Review – Creatures: The City That Never Sleeps

Available now from Europe Comics this is the first volume of Creatures.

In a post-apocalyptic New York City obliterated by a Big Night that wiped out most of civilization, bands of children struggle to stay alive in the wreckage, hunting for food under billowing clouds of toxic fog and running from hungry zombies. One child is endowed with the power to keep them at bay, but will it be enough to protect the survivors from the terrifying creature that has just risen out of the Hudson River? Meanwhile, a raving old man with a house full of books says the worst is yet to come…

Script by Betbeder
Art by Djief

This is a story that dropped you right in. You can tell right from the off, that something isn’t right. The only coherent characters seem to be the children. As the story progresses, we get some understanding about this and it is quite interesting as we understand the rules.

There are other rulers too – including about the parents…

First the kids though. The kids are interesting. Still children, but thrown into an adult situation. The lack of parental support, as well as the infrastructure makes things difficult for all of them. And that’s before the fog and the rest.

What this issue for do is define the characters well. There are a number of skills down and the personalities work well – even with the tension between them. Done of them are smart, one has powers and the others all survive.

We do get one adult to talk to, he seems quite crazy, but at least he hints about some things and suggestions about what happened in the past and what may come.

Then there is the fog and the adults. The adults have been changed, and there is something else from the fog, it effects them, but also makes them work like drones. It’s pretty freaky.

I really enjoyed this story, you get pulled in really well. The characters are interesting and have their own reasons for being the way they are. The motivations still need to be cleaned out, but it’s on its way.

There’s a lot of mystery here – the adults, the fog the new addition and the powers. I like where it’s leading.

The art is excellent – from the big scenes, to the character moments and then to the tight fight/flight scenes. It looks excellent.

This is an interesting adventure, and well done and nice and long for a beginning.

You can get Creatures: The City That Never Sleeps from Europe Comics

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