Digital Comics Release Round-Up 3rd March 2020

It’s #NCBD and here are the latest digital comics available online, on apps, on subscription services and on sale. This is for the week of the 3rd March 2021.

Unless otherwise linked, all comics shown here can be found on Amazon/ComiXology. If you buy on Amazon, you will also be able to read it on ComiXology.

You can search here:

New Manga this week, including the one-year anniversary of Mashle: Magic and Muscles from Shonen Jump

Horde Comics have added some digital comics to BuySmallPress this week.

Source Point Press have a number of new digital comics out this week on DriveThruComics:

From Europe Comics this week:


Penelope is a Belgian physician who works with Doctors Without Borders in war-torn Syria. She returns to Belgium when she can in order to see her husband and daughter, but the transition is hard…

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Robert is dead, says the man born as Robert. My name is Tancred now. Whoever he is, he is still on the run with Eudoxia and Marie. But Guillaume and his men are hot on the heels of the former Norman lord. When they catch up, Tancred allows himself to be taken while his traveling companions escape….

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Judith Warner was once the pharmacist in Green Falls, where XIII spent part of his youth. And she was once his ally, and lover of one night… The beautiful, independent Judith has her life turned upside down by hurricane Jason McLane just like so many others,..

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Birds wasting away in a national park, refusing to migrate. Identical geometric markings on the wings of completely different insect species. A pillar of dust in the desert. A small-time hood travels to India’s shipbreaking yards in search of a giant nuclear-powered construction robot. A big-time crime boss makes a killing off the Algerian Revolution, in a world where it happened fifteen years later than in our own…

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ANIMAL – Part 4

Would you be capable of renouncing your status as a human being… and assuming the ultimate consequences? At the center of it all here is a quiet and introspective man with a desire to live, but who isn’t quite sure in which world to do so. Is it he who is broken or is it society?…

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Ostracized from society after committing a gruesome and seemingly unmotivated double murder, John Wallace has lost his fiancée and his future. But even a man with nothing left to lose has something left to fear: Naisha, the witch who wants him dead…

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Hercules and Marlon are in their second year of intergalactic agent school and they still have a lot to learn! But when their teacher is bitten by a strange alien creature, they’ll need to put down the books and leap into action because the sickness affecting Teach seems to be spreading throughout the school…

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While Telemachus, following the trail of his father Ulysses, is tied up in the faraway land of the Laestrygonians, the hot-headed Neoptolemus is marshaling his army of fierce Myrmidons off the coast of Ithaca, where Queen Penelope takes the lead in strategizing against the threatening fleet. In this latest chapter of the adventures of young Telemachus…

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Plus a Leading Ladies digital comics sale:

Manga added to Mangamo this week:

On GlobalComix this week they have announced the addition of digital comics from AWA Studios:

From the beginning, the goal of GlobalComix has been working to make amazing comics accessible to everyone, no matter where they’re made, what language they’re in, or how they’ve been formatted. As comics fans who have a deep appreciation for the craft, we understand that the business of making comics can sometimes feel like feast or famine and that other times it can feel like shooting in the dark.
That’s one of the many reasons we partner with publishers like AWA Studios. They have a creative business owned and operated by creators. Their goal is to build a network of graphic fiction that cooperates with each other to better service their readership, make a lot of money, and have a lot of fun.
When you combine the elegant marketing and distribution of GlobalComix with the powerful stories of AWA, the result is the best of both worlds for readers. When you put together the proven talent of Karre Andrews, Frank Cho and Margret Stohl with the unlimited digital reading experience of GlobalComix Gold, you get to read as much quality content as you want, whenever and wherever you want.
We are extremely proud to welcome AWA Studios to the GlobalComix community.
If you want to read the latest and greatest from AWA or any of our other publishers, sign up for your free trial of GlobalComix Gold and find your next favorite story.

Out this week from Archie Comics:

  • Archie 1000 Page Comics Delight (TP)
  • World Of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #107

Freshly digitalized:

Free this week on DriveThruComics is Uglydolls Go To Hollywood from Bliss on Tap

Also on DriveThruComics this week:

From Marvel Comics this week:

  • The Avengers #43   
  • Star Wars: The High Republic #3   
  • Hellions #10   
  • Runaways #34
  • King in Black: Gwenom vs. Carnage #3   
  • Demon Days: X-Men #1   
  • King in Black Handbook #1   
  • King in Black: Thunderbolts #3
  • King in Black: Wiccan and Hulkling #1   
  • King in Black: Captain America #1   
  • America Chavez: Made in the USA #1   
  • Power Pack #4   
  • Avengers Mech Strike #2

And on Marvel Unlmited:

  • Power Pack #1
  • Marvel #2
  • Shang-Chi #3
  • Maestro #4
  • Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #6
  • Excalibur #15
  • Daredevil #24
  • X Of Swords: Destruction #1
  • Werewolf by Night #2
  • Fantastic Four: Antithesis #4
  • Falcon & Winter Soldier #5
  • Doctor Doom #9
  • X-Men #15
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #53.1

From DC Comics this week:

  • Batman #106   
  • Infinite Frontier #0   
  • The Swamp Thing #1   
  • Crime Syndicate #1
  • Suicide Squad #1   
  • Man-Bat #2   
  • Sensational Wonder Woman #1   
  • The Dreaming: Waking Hours #8

From Image Comics this week:

  • Fire Power By Kirkman & Samnee #9
  • Nocterra #1 
  • Unearth #10
  • The Walking Dead Deluxe #10 

From Vault Comics this week on DriveThruComics:

On Comichaus this week, the indie comics digital subscription service:

The Comichaus App is an app that is dedicated to indie comics.
Love discovering comics? For a subscription fee of £3 a month (£30 a year) you can:
  • Get access to stream and discover all the indie comics in our catalogue
  • Save as many of the comic books offline as your device storage will allow
  • Search by title, creator, genre and publisher
  • Discover more about creators
  • Support creators – 50% of advert and subscription revenue will be split with creators based on how many times their books are read

From Dynamite Entertainment this week is a new James Bond series – James Bond: Agent of Spectre #1

The full list out this week:

  • James Bond: Agent of Spectre #1
  • Sonjaversal #2
  • The Boys: Dear Becky TPB
  • Vampirella/Red Sonja Vol 1: These Dark Synchronicities TPB
  • Red Sonja Vol 2: Queen’s Gambit TPB

Aftershock Comics has a new series out this week – Undone By Blood Vol. 2 #1: The Other side of Eden

From Rebellion this week is:

Available in digital from: 2000 AD webshop & apps for iPadAndroid and Windows 10

From The Treasury of British Comics this week:

Available in digital from: Treasury of British Comics webshop & apps for iPadAndroid and Windows 10

From Markosia this week:

On DriveThruComics:

On ComiXology:

From Valiant Comics this week on DriveThruComics:

From IDW Publishing this week:

  • Comic Book History of Animation #4
  • Dungeons & Dragons: At the Spine of the World #4
  • Sea of Sorrows #4
  • Transformers #28
  • Transformers ‘84: Legends & Rumors 100-Page Giant
  • Transformers: Beast Wars #2

On ComiXology this week are the latest from ComiXology Originals, new releases and sales:

From Dark Horse Comics this week:

Plus two new sales:

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