Review: End Of Days #1

Launching this week on Kickstarter, this is End Of Days #1

Sherlock Holmes meets Supernatural, A supernatural mystery thriller. 

By Gerry Cooley & Darian Sims

Sherlock Holmes has always had a bit of the supernatural about him. Not only in the obvious way, such as in The Hound Of The Baskerville‘s, but in the way he deduces the crimes.

End Of Days takes this to a new level. Set during the time of Jack The Ripper and in the aftermath of one of his kills, there is something more to them.

Of our two detectives. One is the very human McCoy, freshly promoted and has had some dealings with some of the supernatural. Even if he doesn’t know it. He acts as a good ‘base’ for us in this introduction.

‘Gabe’ is good partner. He is of something more Holy. There is something a lot more divine about him and he gets some divine guidance. This scene is well done and end with a talk with a Nun which is well done.

Then there is the evil side. Obviously something ‘fallen’ has committed this murder, but there is an interesting twist. I like the way we meet one of the others though – and it adds to the story.

This is an excellent introduction, with a great art style. I like the colouring and we get some good scenes – especially the darker ones. There are some addition scenes and they are very kinetic in style.

Check out Gerry Cooley‘s Instagram here.

The Kickstarter starts on the 25th March and will run for 30 days – sign up here to be notified.

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