Review: Transformers #28

There latest issue of Transformers is out this week from IDW Publishing.

“War World: Hunt”. As the Decepticons take over important facilities in Iacon, it opens up an opportunity for a jailbreak! But, will Bumblebee, Swindle, and Trickdiamond be able to escape—and is it really better for them if they do? Meanwhile, Starscream and Megatron scheme and Cyclonus returns with a grudge.

Brian Ruckley (Author) Anna Malkova (Artist) Casey W. Coller (Cover Artist)

After the initial skirmishes comes the collection of power. The Deceptions are in power, but now they need to get it together.

The media first. With Soundwave making his way known. There are some familiar faces here too, with Sixshot getting his reward. Cyclonus makes an appearance and it seems that he will be a bad enemy to have, and it looks like the Deceptions have got their hooks into him.

There are some interesting parts with Swindle, he does seem an enjoyable character, and very much on the shady side – him looking up with Bumblebee will be interesting.

Working in the background is Starscream and I’m looking forward to more of him!

Am excellent read to a brilliant ongoing series.

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