Digital First: Lucky Luke On izneo

Wanted: Lucky Luke, a digital-first comic available on izneo!

Digital comics and digital manga distributor and app (on Apple, Android and Nintendo Switch) izneo has a new digital-first comic available from the 9th April 2021!

Wanted: Lucky Luke is available for pre-order now.

Riding peacefully along a western trail, Lucky Luke is suddenly ambushed by an unknown assailant. After a quick gunfight, the cowboy loses his mysterious attacker, but happens upon a lone wagon beset by Apache raiders. Another quick fight later, Luke is surprised to find that the occupants of the wagon are three lovely young women! Three sisters on their way to start a new life, and who all find the lonesome cowboy … quite interesting.

Matthieu Bonhomme

Izneo, the European pure player and Cinebook, the ninth Art Publisher bring the new Lucky Luke to digital English readers!

Today’s digital and always in motion world calls for different ways of consumption. Izneo and Cinebook firmly believe comics are not only to be enjoyed in print but also digitally. 
Reading comics digitally allows for taking the fun everywhere and for zooming into the scenes to better appreciate the art. Taking this into account, the new episode of Lucky Luke “as seen by” is going to be released digitally on April 9th.
Wanted: Lucky Luke is the second tribute to Europe’s favorite cowboy done by Mathieu Bonhomme, who won two awards for The Man Who Shot Lucky Luke (2016).
This 68-page volume is going to please western lovers but also Lucky Luke fans as they will not only recognize the iconic and charming cowboy but also some familiar situations. 

Bonhomme’s art is also remarkable as the color scheme plays an important role in the storytelling.

All comics can be found on izneo: comics, webtoon, manga, graphic novels, all genres and formats are available on a wide variety of devices. The izneo account allows users to switch from one platform/application to another while keeping their reading data.
izneo has something for everyone, the catalog contains more than 65.000 volumes and can take the user from the greatest in manga (Edens Zero, Rent-a-Girlfriend, Attack on Titan, Sweat and Soap, Fairy Tail) to the best in European and US comics (Largo Winch, Lucky Luke, Spirou & Fantasio, Thorgal, The Incal, The Sisters, The Smurfs, Lady S, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Captain Midnight, Star Trek). Additionally, Izneo also counts with an incredible catalog of webtoon series including The Reaper and the Waiting, Gisele & Beatrice and many more. Additional titles are added every week.

Izneo’s ambition is to provide comics to everyone. Consequently, a subscription package, the izneo premium subscription, is available in addition to the unit sale.

  • IZNEO PREMIUM (6,99€):
    The izneo Premium subscription allows three simultaneous connections and unlimited access
    to a catalog of more than 2000 volumes where new volumes are added on a monthly basis.
    Volumes can be read offline on a large variety of devices and screens.

About izneo

izneo is the first global online comic platform. Accessible at all times on all reading media (PC or Mac, Smartphone, Apple tablet, Android and Windows and now Nintendo Switch and Nvidia Shield). The service guides the user through the discovery, acquisition and reading of an extensive catalog covering all comic genres: European comics, US comics, Manga, WEBTOON, Graphic Novels and children’s comics. With new releases every week, izneo provides readers the most appropriate advice and the best experience when reading and choosing digital comics. Created in 2010 at the initiative of major publishers, izneo grants its users the access to the largest comic book catalog. Izneo services are tailored to all budgets through: regular promotions, free volumes, unit sale and the subscription. Izneo is available
in French, English, German, Dutch and Italian.

About Cinebook:

Cinebook is the English publisher of the best-selling European comics books for all ages. For many English-speaking readers, knowledge of European comic books is limited to popular characters Tintin and Asterix. Cinebook’s mission is to ensure that other European comic book characters, like Lucky Luke, Iznog

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