Review: Flintlock Book 5

After my big review of books one to four, Time Bomb Comics has released book 5 after a big cliffhanger in the title story. This is Flintlock Book 5.

Set in a shared 18th Century timeline Flintlock features a wide and diverse range of characters in a shared historical timeline. Each book in this critically acclaimed series features highwaymen, pirates and more – and the most talented artists in comics!

Steve Tanner, Gareth Sleightholme, Caroline Parkinson, Carlos Angeli, Francesco Archidiacono & Bolt-01

After that big reveal of book four, Flintlock delivers us some history. It’s well told and gives us some much needed and wanted background to the Flintlock character. There are some excellent scenes here, including the court itself – the Judge is a repulsive character, and there is a hope that he will be humiliated in some way. I do like the build within this case, and the maids lot seems set – but there is still something to come. I did like the references of the previous issues, with the deaths and battles that we have read before. I enjoyed the art and the full page of the court is excellent. There’s a race against time, and we have to wait for the next issue.

In comparison, the Onna story was a fun (if dark) read. I like the way it set up, and if you know the character, you know things aren’t going to end well. Even so, it was well crafted and has a dark cartoony feel about it.

Sparrowhawk gives us a good murder mystery. Done in one, with some interesting points. It moves fast and well, with a gruesome scene to really get it in the mood.
I really enjoyed how the investigation moved along – it works with the different locals and the style of the investigation. Harsh, but that is the way of things in these times. The end result was correct.

Finally, of the comics, there is the Clockwork Cavalier. We get to see the improvements made and he looks fantastic. This is a short story and gives us a look at the Cavalier – not only his skills but his moral code too. I like the timing as he gets hit by the gunshot, this is something you can only get like it in a comic.

Finally we get some history at the end – the British and Australia – I like these and it adds something to an anthology like this.

Another strong offering from Time Bomb Comics here, with some excellent storytelling and brilliant art. This is a unique anthology series with links and themes.

You can get Flintlock Book 5 from Time Bomb Comics digitally and in print here.

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