Spotlight: Flintlock From Time Bomb Comics

Time Bomb Comics are a UK based publisher that has a number of titles available in both print and digital format.

You can get their comics on the Time Bomb Comics website, or digitally on DriveThruComics.

This past week, I have been binge-reading my way through the Flintlock series.

Flintlock is an ongoing anthology set in the Eighteenth Century, featuring highwaymen, pirates and more. Each story takes place at some point between 1701 and 1800 with all the characters co-existing in a shared historical timeline. Flintlock has been conceived by Steve Tanner who writes the stories, and the incredible talents of Anthony Summey, Lorenzo Nicoletta and Ed Machiavello have produced the art.

First of all a personal confession – I really enjoy anthologies. The fact that you can get so many stories built in is something that really catches me. Flintlock is a little different.

In Flintlock you have a number of stories, but they are all part of the same shared universe. The team behind this making the decision were very bold, and to my mind it has worked out admirably.

First up is the titular Flintlock. Highwayman (kind of) and generally our hero in these stories. She, for she is a she, is a symapthetic character who seems to have the right morals (in my eyes). It is still early days (in a way) and we don’t have all the details on her, and the history behind the why and how she is doing all this. Currently there is only one who shares her secret, and that does come to an interesting head at the end of the forth issue.
Nevertheless, the supporting cast are well done, with some humour, action and politics all thrown in.
There are some interesting ups and downs with the character, and we have already had some crossovers thrown in.

Shanti the Pirate Queen is another interesting addition to the story – far removed from the land-based location of the other characters, which are all in the UK. We get a lot more of her interactions with the crew and those who oppose her. There is an interesting arc to her story, and I wonder how far this will go, or how the crossovers will also come.

In with these characters we also have stories of thieves and their opposition. Both are interesting in their own right, especially the Clockwork Cavalier, who has a cameo in a different story.

These stories are all building well, with some nice character moments, and building of the adventures. There are some excellent fast-paced action moments, but these are in for the right reasons, and fit well into the stories. The characters are well built, with enough time on the surrounding cast to make these stories as full as possible.

I really enjoy the art styles here (plus the excellent covers) – there is some brilliant character moments, with expressions of joy, anger, sadness and mirth. Each character is distinct and detailed.

This is an excellent series, and one that I will enjoy picking up. When the conventions are up and running again, I look forward to meeting the team.

The only question I ask, is when is issue five out? I need to know things!

Check out Time Bomb Comics and their online shop here.

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