Review: Elecboy – 1. Birth

Out now from Europe Comics, in this first issue of Elecboy, this is a deep and interesting read.

In a devastated cityscape, a lone man fights off creatures of fearsome power: white, winged, serenely impassive, and capable of terrifying transformations… Decades later, in a desolate American southwest, a meager colony of human survivors ekes out a precarious existence between dwindling water supplies and magnetic shields that screen them from roving bands of aerial attackers. An ancestral upper class presides, while in the lower city, laborers do the hazardous work of keeping everyone alive. But all that may be about to change when the mysterious Joshua comes of age…

Script by Jaouen Salaün – Art by Jaouen Salaün

This is an amazing in-depth read.

There is a lot going on. With the science-fiction trappings that bookend the story you get some of the fantastic. Space, artificial intelligence and more. It’s well done, and contrasts the ‘dust bowl’ style of the rest of the story. It also makes the story bigger than what we are seeing on the ground level.

That’s not to say that the ground isn’t where it’s all happening. In this story there is a lot going on. There are the workers, those who make sure that this township keeps safe, fed and watered. Among this there are some interesting political aspects. Family seems to be the key aspect – with wives and children being the main point. This new generation are the ones who are making the changes – for better or for worse. The links between the two main children are interesting, and at first it seems like a simple rivalry. Although as the story progresses, we discover that it goes deeper than that, and more than the two know.

The setting is well done, with a dusty feel to it all. It gives me a feel of the Old West movies and the frontier feel. Although they are not exploring – they just want to survive.

The father-son bonding is interesting too – there are secrets there, and this gives it a real down-to-earth feel.

That is juxtaposed by the sci-fi elements of the story. With A.I. and space, and the plans of those above, it really gives a good story and teases you with what could come next.

I really enjoyed the art style. There are some excellent scenes with the action working well. The characters are well defined with some perfect facial expressions when reacting. The larger scenes work well, with landscapes looking gorgeous – you could frame some of those panels.

You can get Elecboy 1. Birth from Europe Comics digitally.

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