Review: The Butcher #1 – Demon’s Scent

Out now digitally from Europe Comics, this is The Butcher #1 – Demon’ Scent.

Looking to catch a break and make a buck, a man from a family of small-time traders takes a job on a cargo ship. But his hopes quickly fade when he discovers just what is in the ship’s holds. And he’s not the only one revolted by the ship’s cargo. The Butcher disapproves too, and he’s about to make his feelings known, the only way he knows how—with fatal force. Meting out justice to the ship’s crew is a start, but he won’t stop until he’s tracked down the ringleaders behind the band of traffickers. The story of a man who has lost his faith in the world, and who will do everything in his power to restore it.

Script & Art by Selçuk Ören

As an introduction, I was really thrown as to where this was heading.

There was a lot of exposition here, and the character giving it was very interesting – although the reaction from his colleagues was also pretty amusing. There were some questions, monologuing and also some internal thoughts. Generally, it was well done – it brought the character to us and made us (kind of) root for him.

Then we got to the second part of the story. In this part, there were a lot fewer words. There was more action though, and blood – ample amounts. This is the true introduction to ‘The Butcher’ and he seems a man(?) of few words. Nevertheless, his motivations seem pretty clear. His actions speak well for him and it will be interesting to see more of him and how he got to this point.

In the background, I did find it interesting as to what the criminals were up to – it seems extremely dodgy, and there is a lot more there to add to the story.

Art -wise, this was well done, mixing the sea and the lower, darker floors of the ship. When the action starts, it works in the quick, slow and violent aspects of it all – all with some excellent colouring and style.

This is an interesting vigilante take, and I will like to see the characters and the world explored more.

You can get The Butcher #1 – Demon’s Scent from Europe Comics.

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