Review: Human Remains #1

From Vault Comics this week is a new series – this is Humain Remains #1.

Dax and Bisa love each other. But in this new and terrifying world, love is dangerous. Feeling anything is dangerous. Earth has a new and terrible invader-monsters that deprive us of the very feelings that make us human.

A shocking tale of pent-up emotions, perilously loud sex, and forced compsure in the face of unspeakable horror…from one of the most celebrated writers in comics, Peter Milligan (X-Force, Enigma, Shade, the Changing Man, Hellblazer) and breakout horror artist Sally Cantirino (I Walk With Monsters, The Final Girls).

Writer: Peter Milligan, Artist: Sally Cantirino, Colorist: Dearbhla Kelly, Letterer: Andworld, Designer: Tim Daniel
Cover A: Sally Cantirino, Cover B: Joshua Hixson, Cover C: Corin Howell, Cover D: Brendan McCarthy, Cover E: Mike Allred
On Sale: 9/29/2021

A new series and the very vivid showing of a new status quo in this world. Human Relations gives you no idea what is to come, but you are soon drawn in, and many of the key players in this story are introduced.

Some…thing is coming for people – but the reason is very interesting. Here, if you show any emotion, then they come for you, and it’s fast and bloody.

Anger, joy, fear, happiness or sadness – all emotions we take for granted, and there are ample examples of the violent, bloody attacks by these creatures.

The origin of the attackers is cunningly left vague, their origins are not the issue so much here, it is more how mankind has reacted to this siege by these creatures. There is something arachnid about them, and that makes them all the more creepy as they come bursting through the portal that appears when they attack.

In this issue, we get to see some of the characters who are going to make up this story. The beaten wife, the General, the Scientist and the newly-wed couple. Each has their own emotions (or lack of) and they make the spread of this story very interesting.

There is a lot of introducing to be done in this first issue – with not only the characters making themselves known, but the way the world is, and the first day of these attacks. There is a lot to figure out, but there are ample hooks in this story to get us interested in another issue.

The art is excellent – showing emotions and lack of emotions well. The attacks seem frenzied and bloody with no remorse – a great mix throughout.

This is a series that you can see is all about a new time for the humans in it, and how those featured will survive…

Human Remains #1 is available from your local comic shop or digitally from Vault Comics.

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